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Ehtesab | Support 50 Afghan Women in Tech

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50 Afghan Women in Tech


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This program primarily focuses on providing remote employment and leadership development opportunities for 50 talented Afghan women globally and in Afghanistan. The 50 women in tech program will enable these women to utilize their technical skills and abilities to work remotely with different private, NGOs and technology companies. The program is a full-year remote IT fellowship for Afghans. Each woman will receive a stipend and IT equipment. To fund this initiative, we have launched a grand challenge allowing donors from all around the world to participate in supporting these women. The program's first two months are an extensive learning opportunity. in the later nine months, the fellow will be working with one of the partners of this grand challenge as a full-time team member. In the final month, team members present their work to the IT firm they’ve been a fellow with and work with them with the goal of being offered a permanent and paid position. Successful applicants will be given a full-time paid remote employee for this program. All necessary equipment in order to support these women to work with partner organizations, including Aseel, Code to Inspire, Women for Afghan Women, Ehtesab, RapidIteration and Afghanistan and Central Asian Association will be provided to them.




Ehtesab is an Afghan-based startup focused on developing viable civic technology solutions to serve the needs of communities and those who reside within them At Ehtesab, we believe civic technology can connect citizens to their governments and influence the work of those who lead them. Our aim is to provide a streamlined platform for citizens to share critical issues - ensuring they aren’t ignored. We believe that the best way to address the challenges of state and local governments is to work in unison with communities and involve them in the process of shaping the places they call home. Our team at Ehtesab is passionate about ensuring a 'whole of community' approach in all the projects we undertake, fostering civic engagement as much as possible. In July 2017, Ehtesab initially began as an awareness project to shed light and increase the accountability of parliament members in the Afghan parliament. Yet, we soon realized there were more efficient ways of bringing change and improving neighborhoods – through citizens themselves.