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Support Malnourished Children in Herat Regional Hospital

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Aseel Child Relief Grand Challenge


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Afghanistan is home to millions of children, most of whom have been reported to be acutely malnourished. Herat is one of the second most populated provinces in Afghanistan and has been severely affected by a significant number of underweight babies. Mothers are bringing their little ones from all over Herat to the regional hospital daily with various cases of malnourishment to seek help for their precious ones. Every day hundreds of babies are starving and dying. The hospital is cramped and lacking supplies. This is why we will be collaborating with Aseel with the help of their team and Osman Khayyam, who will be helping them with milk pack distribution in Herat's Regional Hospital. We will provide the children with high-calorie therapeutic milk. With your generous contribution, you will help save babies in Herat, Afghanistan, and boost their immune systems. No babies in Herat will be left behind at Herat Regional Hospital. Please spread the word, get involved, and donate. Photo: Zaker Mandegar



Shameela Nizam, Osman Khayyam, and Zhamana Hakimi

Osman Khayyam is a self-taught photographer, an Afghanistan-based social documentary photographer, and a visual storyteller. He was born in 1994 and grew up in Herat City. Osman has a BA in English Literature and a Master's degree in Public Administration. His photographic career began in 2018, working as a freelancer for NGOs, UN bodies, photo agencies, and foundations. Shameela Nizam is a San Antonio College graduate with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences - Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is co-founder of two grass-roots Nur Of Afghanistan and The Smile Givers. She has volunteered for summer programs with the UN for global health & Red Cross and has volunteered her time with Afghan refugees in Turkey and SoCal. Currently, she is doing an intensive internship at a clinic for paralyzed patients and will be doing her BA in the upcoming months. This will be her second campaign collaborating with ASEEL. Zhamana Hakimi is a 19 years old Afghan who is a poet and activist. She did her first humanitarian activity in 2018 with UNICEF Afghanistan regarding women's rights. Zhamana continued her work and activities as a volunteer with the UN. In 2018, she immigrated to USA. She joined Model United Nations in 2021. She recently graduated from high school, and currently, she's an IR student at NYU.