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Save a Child’s Life With a Donation

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Aseel Child Relief Grand Challenge


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Aseel had a target of raising 1818 packages for the child relief campaign within the first 100 days. 1818 packages will provide food packages for 15000 children. However, we have only completed over 40% of the campaign. So we decided to start our campaign and get this done. In this campaign, we are aiming to raise donations for 300 packages.  More about the crisis:  It has been two months since UNICEF's warning about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and that over one million children could die this year, 2022, if we do not take urgent action. Yet, they have failed, and we have been unable to raise the required funds and provide the needed support to save a nation from starvation.   Thirteen thousand seven hundred infants died in the first 90 days of 2022 under the watch of international humanitarian organizations. It is utterly heartbreaking and puts us in hopelessness and helplessness. Let's not undermine our network, influences, and abilities and do whatever it takes to contribute to saving lives in Afghanistan.  I quote what one of our Aseel team members witnessed last week in the Indra Gandhi hospital in Kabul." I saw a four-year-old child weighing 3 kg. He was just a pure skeleton and kept looking into my eyes. I could not take it".  Hospitals are in an extreme shortage of support for malnourished children and mothers. Let's do what we can from here and save lives with our efforts in Afghanistan. Aseel will provide us with real-time updates about each package and each cent you will be donating. © Image copyright Aseel



Nasrat Khalid,Omar Haidari,Qayce Alamdar,Hammasa Kohistani,Frohar

Nasrat Khalid - Founder of Aseelapp Omar Haidari - Human Rights Advocate Qayce Alamdar - Student and Human Rights Advocate  Hammasa Kohistani - Mental Health/Personal Development Coach Former Miss England Frohar - Women’s Rights Activist