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The Student Stationery Package is more than just a collection of supplies; it is a testament to our commitment to empowering students and supporting their educational journey. By providing students with the necessary tools, we aim to facilitate learning, encourage creativity, and inspire academic excellence. Equip student for success with the Student Stationery Package, and embark on a journey of learning and discovery with confidence and preparedness. The package's current value is $35, which includes the actual value of the food items, a $1 fee for Omid ID issuance, a $6 logistics and delivery fee, a 16% platform fee, and a 4% transfer fee.


Aseel's DirectAid Beta builds on Aseel's decentralized aid platform, which has served over 500,000 individuals since August 2021. It introduces Omid ID Cards for accurate beneficiary identification, the Atalan Network for on-the-ground support, and transparency via video documentation and emails. The process involves Send Aid, Track Aid, and receiving a distribution video for donors to witness the impact of their contribution.
It typically takes 24 to 48 working hours for the Atalan team to deliver an emergency package to the designated Omid ID holder across Afghanistan. However, the delivery can take longer sometimes due to unpredictable circumstances that are out of Aseel and Atalan's control.
Aseel charges a flat fee of 16% of the package's price for each delivery.
Atalan payment depends on the type of Emergency Package delivery. For the delivery of a Small Emergency Food Package, an Atal is paid $3 to $5 for an Emergency Food Package or Emergency Child Relief Package, and $7 for the delivery of a Large Family Package.
There are multiple emergency packages available that can be donated under the DirectAid Beta. The packages include a Large Family Food Package, an Emergency Small Food Package, an Emergency Package for Child, Emergency Food Package, an Emergency Baby Care Package, and Donate and Let Aseel Decide. Other packages will be added to the DirectAid packages based on the need. For instance, the Emergency Winter Package will be added in winter.
You'll receive a series of emails to inform you about your aid package's status. These emails cover the preparation, pickup, delivery, and completion stages, ensuring you are continuously updated.
To provide you with an overview of the entire aid process from start to finish. This boosts the transparency and accountability in the aid delivery process, which is the core feature of DirectAid Beta. A donor may opt not to receive a video, in which case a video will not be taken and shared.
Yes, you can send emergency packages to anyone in need in Afghanistan. You only need to select Send DirectAid and the option to Let Aseel Decide or Someone You Know to proceed with your donation. In Let Aseel Decide, you let Aseel choose a beneficiary/family from their pending lists of families waiting to receive aid. In Someone You Know, you can select an Omid ID previously registered by you or someone else or write a new family to whom the aid will be delivered.
Yes, choose the Someone I Know option offered with each emergency package. You have to enter the beneficiary's Omid ID if they have one; otherwise, you can register them to get one. After placing your order, you will receive the details and the assigned Omid ID for your designated beneficiary.
No, each beneficiary is registered once and assigned an Omid ID. You can use their Omid ID every time you donate a package. While placing an order for any emergency package, you may search for the desired Omid ID, and the aid will be delivered to them.