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Built on Aseel’s decentralized aid platform, the Aseel Institution platform serves institutions, international and national NGOs, foundations, corporations, and donors in making safe and transparent humanitarian aid deployment for vulnerable communities without needing physical resources.

Integrating features such as Omid ID, DirectAid Beta, and the entire Aseel infrastructure to send direct, transparent aid and track the distribution process instantly.

A Fully Integrated End-to-endHumanitarian Delivery System

Aseel Institution

Provides access to the institution to manage their funds, bring the key stakeholders together, and prioritize the organization’s key impact areas.

Aseel Institution

Verify Beneficiaries

Verify each Omid ID (beneficiaries) once the registration form is submitted online to ensure beneficiaries' swift enrollment and access to the needed support.

Aseel Institution

Send DirectAid

With a click of a button, send aid to beneficiaries (Omid ID holders) in under 48 hours via Aseel Atalan (Heroes), our local community network.

Aseel Institution

Track Aid

Get real-time updates on aid distribution through transparent tracking of Omid IDs for all emergency response and recovery programs.

Aseel Institution

Moving the Needle on Global Humanitarian Issues Using Technology

Aseel Institution brings together donors, organizations, multilaterals and other partners to work together in a fully-transparent environment to make a major impact. For instance, countries can move the needle on their humanitarian conditions, in other places, organizations are not only responding to humanitarian crises, but also crafting ways to get to sustainable living. All those possibilities, while institutions focus on impact without the need for physical mobilization in communities.


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Always know where your money goes

Use Omid IDs for precise tracking of aid, ensuring transparency and efficient allocation of every donated money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Aseel Institution is a centralized hub for organizations and donors engaged in aid deployment globally. Organizations and donors range from small NGOs, INGOs, government entities, corporations, family offices, community centres and so on. With the integration of advanced features Omid ID, DirectAid Beta, and Atalan (in progress), we provide a user-friendly dynamic toolkit that facilitates customized projects, resource mobilization, Omid ID assignment, beneficiary data management, real-time tracking, and donor-specific reporting. Focusing on integrating finances well makes it efficient and transparent for donors to see where their money is spent. Aseel Institution also has a robust system for managing data and ensuring compliance, including features like audit trails, reporting, and analytics, making it practical.

The mission of Aseel Institution is to transform aid distribution by offering a user-centric, secure, and adaptable system. Aseel Institution aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and collaboration with stakeholders working in the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) sectors, making a meaningful impact on humanitarian assistance.

Our team works diligently to maintain the security of our system at all times. All our systems operate in the cloud, minimizing the potential for physical data breaches. We have implemented a vulnerability disclosure program where security researchers promptly report any issues they discover in our platform.

Yes, with the Aseel Institution, organizations can tailor modules to meet the requirements of their aid projects, including resource mobilization, beneficiary identification, and reporting

The Aseel Institution utilizes the Atalan Network Aseel’s local community members and the Omid IDs in the decision-making process for aid distribution. Through Atalan’s data and insights, the platform ensures targeted and effective aid delivery to beneficiaries in collaboration with aid organizations

Aseel Institution supports efficient impactful aid distribution to war-affected regions, fostering community building through targeted and streamlined aid packages. The system is designed to contribute significantly to the well-being of communities in need

Aseel Institution is exclusively for institutional B2B and B2G use. If you're an individual in need of aid, please contact Aseel's Do Good department at [email protected]  or relevant aid organizations in your area

To register an Omid ID on the Aseel Institution, log in and go to the Omid ID registration section. Follow the prompts, input the necessary beneficiary information, and submit the details for further processing.

Understanding corruption as a vital concern, Aseel Institution uses a comprehensive Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy to prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity of its operations. Potential risks are identified and addressed as part of collaborative Fraud Risk Management activities. On fraud detection, swift action is taken, including contract closure, to ensure decisive measures. We implement a zero-tolerance policy regarding fraud and corruption, demonstrating its dedication to ethical behavior.

Aseel Institution allows organizations to tailor aid packages based on requirements. Institution can submit a request for a customized package specifying the items they desire, and a quote can be obtained accordingly.

For assistance, you can reach out to Aseel’s account managers. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at [email protected] for prompt support and guidance

Every aid deployment will create an order under the Direct Aid menu inside the Aseel Institution dashboard. To track your aid, go to the Direct Aid menu, open your order, inside the order you can see each package assigned to an Omid ID with the statuses of [Preparing, Delivering, Delivered].

Yes, the Aseel Institution is designed to cater to both B2B and B2G aid deployment initiatives. Its adaptability and commitment to continuous improvement make it a pivotal tool for various types of organizations and donors.