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Pink Embroidered Velvet Dress | Short Fancy Frock

Pink Embroidered Velvet Dress | Short Fancy Frock


Materials: Velvet Fabric, Cherma, Beads, and Coins

Design: Cherma and Beads Embroidery

Color: Pink Dress, Green Shawl, and Pants

Size: Medium (40 inches)

Made in Afghanistan


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SKU ASEEL-Suhail Clothing-1026
Suhail Hakimi Clothing Brand is home to original handstitched traditional clothes. The brand boasts distinctive clothing designs implemented by regional designers on the most delicate handmade textiles using the finest materials such as cherma, coins, mirrors and beads. The product ranges from men's waistcoats, hats, and shoes to children's and women's outfits. Consummate your style with us and help artisans gain economic stability.