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Become an ASEEL Ambassador

ASEEL ambassadors are public figures within our community that want to help us create 10,000 jobs in Afghanistan. Ambassadors support ASEEL by spreading the word about our mission and getting people to purchase ASEEL products or engage with us in other areas. We love our ambassadors, and they are part of a team made up of members all over the world.



Discount on products (Special coupon code)


7 Aseel hoodies for a Giveaway and other seasonal gifts

Free Product Development

Free product development, sourcing, and technical support for creation of brands and custom handmade products

Tickets, Travel Sponsorship

Tickets, travel sponsorship for product stories, Aseel events


Feature on our social media pages and website and connect, go live, and engage with all other ambassadors



Engage with Aseel and other Ambassadors on Social Media


Share the Aseel mission and brand in your community


Support the Aseel team in getting more sales (i.e. create more jobs)


Participate in Aseel Ambassadors’ fun monthly call on how to creatively support Aseel


Promote job creation and poverty alleviation in Afghanistan and beyond


Be Active

Be active on multiple platforms of Social Media

Be Public

Have a Public Profile (IG, FB, Twitter)

Be Passionate

Be genuinely passionate about beautiful handmade products and making an impact


At least 16 years old

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Have questions?

Check out our FAQ on the ambassadors program!

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