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ASEEL ambassadors are public figures within our community that want to help us create 10,000 jobs in Afghanistan. Ambassadors support ASEEL by spreading the word about our mission and getting people to purchase ASEEL products or engage with us in other areas. We love our ambassadors, and they are part of a team made up of members all over the world.



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Free Product Development

Free product development, sourcing, and technical support for creation of brands and custom handmade products

Tickets, Travel Sponsorship

Tickets, travel sponsorship for product stories, Aseel events


Feature on our social media pages and website and connect, go live, and engage with all other ambassadors



Engage with Aseel and other Ambassadors on Social Media


Share the Aseel mission and brand in your community


Support the Aseel team in getting more sales (i.e. create more jobs)


Participate in Aseel Ambassadors’ fun monthly call on how to creatively support Aseel


Promote job creation and poverty alleviation in Afghanistan and beyond


Be Active

Be active on multiple platforms of Social Media

Be Public

Have a Public Profile (IG, FB, Twitter)

Be Passionate

Be genuinely passionate about beautiful handmade products and making an impact


At least 16 years old

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Meet our Ambassadors

Maryam Yousufi

Aseel Ambassador

Maryam is the founder of and a freelancer based in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and is the holder of bachelor degree in business administration. She has six years of experience working with national and international Media/TVs and currently working as a Communication specialist at Afghan Post. Her love for fashion and design made her start her own clothing brand by the name of Besides having a rich professional background, she is an active social media person who shows the beauty of Afghanistan through her stories and posts. She believes in making the world a better place for living.

Faraidoon Nayebkhail

Aseel Ambassador

Nayeb is a Cybersecurity Engineer and an Afghan visual artist based in Washington D.C. Born and raised in Afghanistan, Nayeb pursued higher education (Ms. In Cybersecurity and Bs. In International relations) in the united states. As a teenager, Nayeb co-founded Youth and Children Development Program (YCDP), a non-profit focused on promoting education and human rights in Afghanistan. Passionate about arts, Nayeb comes from a diverse artistic background. As a child, he learned and later on taught Persian and Arabic calligraphy. He now focuses on digital photography to express his thoughts and feeds the artistic soul of his audience.

Mina Khan

Aseel Ambassador

Mina Khan was born in Kabul and raised up in Germany, where she is currently engaged in achieving her Master’s degree in civil engineering specializing in geotechnical engineering. She has completed her B.Sc. in civil engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt and currently works as a junior construction manager with one of the prominent European construction companies. Mina is also a social media activist and a well-known influencer. As a public figure, she makes videos in different categories that include entertainment, product promotions, and social awareness. And has always raised her voice for the goodwill of Afghan society.

Ellaha Sharifi

Aseel Ambassador

Ellaha is a Product Manager, working at the intersection of business and technology. She is passionate about resolving global problems using technology. She is also the founder of the Afghan Pioneer Society (APS), a youth mentorship program that aims to connect trailblazers to mentors in their field. She was born in Afghanistan and has been traveling for education, work, and leisure since she was 14 years old. She holds an MBA from Cornell University. Despite growing in between Afghanistan and U.S., she is committed to working with and for the Afghan community. Besides work, she loves to hike, travel, read books, run, and weight lift.

Mahjabin Bahadori

Aseel Ambassador

Mahjabin was born in Afghanistan and living in Australia. She is a visual artist and working in the Department of Education in Victoria. She has done a bachelor in Fine arts and diploma in community services and currently studies a Bachelor of Arts/Masters of teaching. Mahjabin has done several art exhibitions, workshops, and internships during her studies. She has participated in various art competitions and got awards at the national and regional levels. Her professional learning and work experience made her realize the power of community support for Afghans. Thus, she is excited to be an ambassador for ASEEL, which aims to support Afghan artisans.

Samea Shanori

Aseel Ambassador

Samea is originally from Afghanistan but has lived in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan before calling the US her home. She has been living in New York City since 2013. She has a BA from New York University (NYU) and an MPA from Columbia University. Currently, she works at GroupM Worldwide, a global media management company. She occasionally writes for Global Voices Online on various issues related to Afghanistan. In her leisure time, Samea paints. Her artwork has been part of the Fragmented Futures: Afghanistan 100 Years Later organized by the Afghan American Artists and Writers Association in California, and published by Dovetail (the annual art and literary magazine of NYU School of Professional Studies).

Hila Hamidi

Aseel Ambassador

Growing up in Irvine, California, Hila Hamidi is a digital content producer, writer/filmmaker, and proud daughter of Afghan refugees. Her admiration for storytelling flourished at eleven years old when she visited Afghanistan for the first time and fell in love with the country. This pushed her to pursue a degree in business and screenwriting at the University of Southern California. Shortly after, she worked with National Geographic, Warner Bros. Stage 13, Break the Room and is currently in the writers’ room on the new Chuck Lorre series, United States of Al. When she’s not hiking or spending time with her family, she also runs her own blog and YouTube, Hilastan, where she shares her travels and culture, hoping to bridge the gap between the two worlds she comes from. Realizing how effective media can be, she utilizes her platform to advocate social causes and working closely with the Afghan community.

Zahra Amiri

Aseel Ambassador

Zahra was born in Iran and raised in Canada. Due to the passion and love Zahra has towards Afghanistan, at the age of eighteen, she started her own non-profit clothing line, claZEEq. She designed classy outfits with an Afghan twist to them to showcase the beauty of Afghan culture to the world. Through her clothing brand, Zahra was showing her audience the other side of Afghanistan, something that was vastly contrasted from what is constantly being displayed in the media. Zahra is currently a student pursuing her degree in computer science. Being busy with studies and work does not stop Zahra from helping other Afghans. She is excited about being an ambassador at Aseel in order to support Afghan artisans and help them grow. Zahra's greatest wish is to see peace in Afghanistan. She hopes and prays to witness that day.