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Emergency First Aid Package

Emergency First Aid Package

Emergency First Aid Package 1 5 5 1

The Emergency First Aid Package includes COVID-19 support, including gloves, hand sanitizer, Dettol sanitizer, and masks. This kit also contains basic first aid necessities, including nose drops, tissues, pain relievers, various adhesive bandages, plus feminine hygiene products. The current value of this package is $61, comprising the actual value of the items: $1 Omid ID issuance fee, $5 logistics fee, 5% platform fee, and 5% transfer fee.


Subscription: Aseel offers its donors and customers a subscription and discount model. You will get a 2% discount for a three-month subscription, a 3% discount for a six-month subscription, and a 4% discount for an annual one. You can also specify recipients for the subscription. Aseel team delivers the package to the recipient monthly based on your subscription. 

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The Emergency First Aid Package includes the following items:

COVID-19 Support 2 Packs
First Aid Pack  2 Packs
Feminine Hygiene Package 5 Packs 


Please fill out the beneficiary form, and donate a package if you wish to support specific beneficiaries or families in Afghanistan, and our team will deliver it to them promptly. The Aseel team will contact beneficiaries before distribution to confirm specific medical kit needs and delivers packages straight to the beneficiaries, war-affected families with no employment or income, or families most in need. The Aseel team identifies beneficiaries throughout different provinces in Afghanistan.