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Aseel Do Good is the most reliable pioneering platform that works to combat the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan – the first country of Do Good operations. It allows anyone willing to assist Afghan families in need to Purchase Emergency Packages, Sponsor a Family, Start a Campaign, and Become a Volunteer. Our Atalan team issues an OMID ID to each registered beneficiary to track the entire process. We partner with organizations that help us provide vulnerable families and individuals with basic food and shelter items. We help support them to build a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for themselves.

Aseel Buy Good enables people from anywhere in the world to buy handmade products directly from vendors in underdeveloped countries. The platform enables artisans to easily create an online store selling authentic handmade goods such as wooden products, carpets & rugs, home & décor, artwork, leather, ceramics, jewelry, accessories, and other custom products. Each purchase via Buy Good platform directly empowers an artisan who made these amazing and credible handcrafted items with love.

Due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, food scarcity, and insufficient access to health services, 1.1 million children are on the cusp of severe acute malnutrition in Afghanistan. Aseel, initiating its Child Relief Grand Challenge across Afghanistan, actively provides emergency support packages to children. The aid is used to treat children under five years old who suffer from Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) or Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). We partner with global voices, health-care centers, medical experts, and volunteers – Atalan - who help support Afghan children by providing awareness about child protection and health while providing aid packages to vulnerable individuals.

Afghanistan has been suffering from many unpredicted events, leading to thousands of Afghans' displacement, death, and injury. Aseel, responsive to current catastrophes, launched its Aseel Disaster Fund to provide immediate basic food, shelter, and medical aid packages to families/individuals impacted by earthquakes, landslides, floods, and bomb-blast attacks. We partner with volunteers – the Atalan team – locals, and health centers to effectively supply the aid packages to the beneficiaries on an urgent basis, maximizing the coverage areas. Together with reserve funds, our platform also enables donors to launch campaigns and help people who need support on an urgent basis.

Aseel's most recent feature makes it simple for sellers to register their shops, list their products, ship their products, and accept payments. The platform helps the sellers set up their online stores without any additional costs; there is a 5% fee only if a sale occurs. They can also get paid using the secure payment option, Payoneer, and receive seller services support in their preferred languages. Additionally, the feature serves as a quick reference for new vendors to learn everything they need to launch, run, and grow their businesses online.

Aseel recruits local and international volunteers - the Atalan Network - to participate in Do Good distributions throughout Afghanistan, ensuring transparency throughout the process. Atalan volunteers act as ambassadors, promoting awareness about Aseel's work, accomplishments, ongoing campaigns, and distributions. The Atalan team is in charge of identifying, assessing, and verifying the families. They also assign pre-registered OMID IDs and OMID Cards to the registered families. Furthermore, the Atalan team is responsible for keeping beneficiary and donor information confidential in accordance with the code of conduct.

Omid ID is a unique identification number assigned to each registered family of Emergency Response. "Omid" means hope in Persian. The Omid ID is used to track the family's location, contact information, amount of required assistance, and the number of aids received. Each beneficiary gets an Omid Card alongside the Omid ID, allowing the donors to track the process. Disaster-impacted families, single-breadwinner families, non-breadwinner families, female-led families, widows, day laborers, unemployed people, orphans, street children, and people with severe illnesses are all eligible for OMID IDs/Cards. The OMID IDs are perpetual and may be used whenever donating or delivering aid packages.

Press Releases

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Imagine, anyone, anywhere in the world can send direct aid to a family that needs it inside Afghanistan, and as they send the support, they get a direct feed of the humanitarian package distribution to them on a video – This feature is being piloted on Aseel called direct-aid beta

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Washington DC, 15th May 2023 - The traditional aid agencies have been hindered by the need for tracking systems, too much bureaucracy, and other reasons. However, Aseel's innovative approach to aid delivery in Afghanistan has gained the attention of investors, development organizations, and even the UK’s parliament.


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[Washington DC, 10th May 2023] Aseel, a US-based startup that made global headlines announcing its pivot to start humanitarian work in addition to its artisan work in Afghanistan in August 2021 when all international organizations evacuated, has officially begun its seed investment round.

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Introducing the "Buy Good" program of Aseel Technology Corporation, a venture that seeks to empower disadvantaged artisans from emerging economies by giving them a platform to put their products on display, tell their inspirational stories, and sell their products to consumers throughout the world. Aseel's motive is to empower individuals and open doors for those who frequently go unnoticed by established marketplaces.

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Kabul, Afghanistan - The "Do Good" initiative of Aseel Technology Corporation, a well-known e-commerce technology company, intends to hasten the digitalization of aid in Afghanistan. The program will use advanced technologies, such as mobile applications, to help individuals in need more effectively and efficiently.

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Afghanistan's Aseel Technology Corporation has emerged as the winner of the Japan Challenge at XtremeTech, the premier global technology competition. XtremeTech drew varied, skilled leaders worldwide, each vying to present original concepts and cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Tokyo, Japan -- The finalists for the 2023 XtremeTech Challenge Japan event have been announced; one particular start-up has captured the attention of the tech community. Aseelapp, an Afghan company focused on using cutting-edge technology to transform how businesses handle economies, is the only non-Japanese finalist in this year's competition.

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Letter of Founder

A letter from Nasrat Khalid, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aseel

This is Nasrat Khalid, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aseel. if you are receiving this note, I am confident that you are in an amazing person,you have either helped somebody

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