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Emergency Package for Child Relief

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Emergency Food Package

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Emergency Baby Care Package

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Emergency Life Package

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Emergency First Aid Package

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Current People-Led Campaigns

Birthday Fundraiser for Indira Gandhi Children Hospital

Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital is located in Kabul, Afghanistan. In...

$50 raised of $2000


Help families affected by the flood in Malistan

The Malistan district of Ghazni province was one of the areas heavily ...

$1280 raised of $1500


Help working children of Bamyan to go to school

Children are the most vulnerable in society. They need protection and ...

$250 raised of $3000


Support Flood Affected Families in Khoshi District Logar

n recent days, my home region of Logar in eastern Afghanistan has been...

$1270 raised of $1000


Support Victims of Flash Floods in Parwan

Heavy rainfall has led to flash flooding in Parwan, causing absolute d...

$370 raised of $5000


Afghanistan Flood Relief

The devastating flash floods in the eastern Afghan province of Logar, ...

$35 raised of $5000


Real-time Aseel Emergency Response Update

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ASEEL Responds to the Ongoing Crisis in Afghanistan

Aseel was established out of Afghanistan four years ago. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to grow Afghanistan’s artisan sectors and local economics, harnessing e-commerce technology and a diverse, young team. To date, we have supported more than 40 handicraft businesses and sold over 10,000 Afghan handmade products to customers in the US, Australia, and the UK. As The Taliban overtook Kabul on August 15, we shifted our operations to help people affected by the conflict because our mission has always been to support Afghanistan. 


We launched Aseel Emergency Response to allow people inside and outside Afghanistan to purchase necessary aid packages for families in need. The packages include emergency food, baby care, life, first-aid, and winter packages. The platform also allows people to donate a certain amount of money so Aseel can purchase the packages that war-affected people need inside Afghanistan. We have our functional teams of volunteers in 24 provinces who are active in identifying and assisting beneficiaries in need. Anyone anywhere in the world can download the Aseel iOS and Android mobile applications OR go straight to the Aseel website to start contributing directly to the war-affected families. Our team on the ground ensures that these packages you buy are delivered directly to those in need.


Moreover, you can sponsor and help families in Afghanistan by filling out the beneficiary forms. Each beneficiary registered within the Aseel platform will be assigned an Omid ID and receive an Omid card. This is our approach to having full visibility on who we are helping, and beneficiaries can use their Omid cards to contact Aseel in the future as they require assistance given the winter crisis, medical support, or anything else that can save a human life. The Omid cards are the most important aspect of our work because this leads to our plan of creating a people-run mobile platform that anyone (Donors, organizations, volunteers, shops, beneficiaries, and the Afghan youth) can contribute to save our people.


Through our platform, people can start their own campaigns/fundraisers to support the people of Afghanistan. You can create a campaign and raise funds for the war-affected people of a specific province or any other cause related to food security and child malnutrition. If you wish to become a volunteer with us and help the people of Afghanistan, fill out our volunteer forms. Our volunteers are the heroes who advocate for the vulnerable people of Afghanistan and save their lives by either distributing the aid packages and identifying beneficiaries on the ground or raising awareness on the ongoing crisis and Aseel efforts on the humanitarian crisis. 


  • If you want to start a campaign with us and do not know how to do that, contact [email protected]
  • If you know someone in media who would be interested in covering the ongoing efforts of Aseel in response to the crisis, contact [email protected]
  • For queries regarding the beneficiaries and donations, contact [email protected]

To beat this crisis, we need to be united, and together we can create an impact to save Afghan peoples’ lives.