As of 2022, there were a little over 3.9 billion women worldwide. This accounts for about 50% of the world population and is believed to be increasing steadily. Despite accounting for at least half of the world, women are still not regarded as competent members of society in many cultures. The source of this bias is still unknown, although there are many theories. However, with the inception of women's rights movements and similar campaigns, bias against women is slowly fading.

Today, a whole day is globally dedicated to celebrating women of all professions, races, and ages. Celebrated on March 8th every year, the primary purpose of honoring international women's Day is to recognize women's political, social, cultural, and economic achievements worldwide. Alongside celebrating women all over the world, International women's Day is also an avenue for groups to come together and review matters like gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women, and women's rights.

Here at Aseel, we are taking the celebrations to the next level by showcasing some of our exquisite handmade women's products that would make perfect gifts for the women in your life. These products are made by skilled Turkish and Afghan artisans passionate about the art. Below are five of our lovely handmade women's products to choose from:

Handmade Afghan Bracelet

Brand: Vintage Treasures Shop  - $48

First on our list is this gorgeous silver bracelet with brown Lapis Lazuli stones. With a simple and classic design, this lapis bracelet sets out a unique, effortless charm, and is sure to put a smile on any woman's face. 

Gold Coin Anklet

Brand: NesQueenDesigns Shop - $22

Our next item is this elegant gold coin anklet. Ankle bracelets have been worn by girls and women for over 8000 years and are rapidly becoming a huge fashion trend, which is no surprise as they add a beautiful feminine touch to your style. This anklet is light and a stunning addition to any outfit.

Cream Colored Floral Patterned Kaftan 

Brand: Şaman Butik Shop - $38

What do you think about this colorful floral embroidered kaftan? It is vibrant, full of character, and goes with a lot of outfit choices. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, making it soothing on the skin and light and easy to wear.

Faux Fur Sleeveless Jacket

Brand: Narsees Cloth's Design Shop - $135

The fourth product on our list is this wonderfully soft, all-white faux fur vest. This unique vest adds a dramatic flair to your outfit while keeping you warm and cozy.

Yellow Handmade Bucket Hat

Brand: Handarte Los Angeles Shop - $42

Say goodbye to cold head and neck with our hand-knitted yellow bucket hat and scarf. This 25% wool and 75% premium Acrylic hat and scarf set offer the warm, snuggly feeling of being wrapped in wool while making a bold fashion statement.

We hope that you are pleased with our exotic Women’s Day selection. Do keep in mind that every purchase you make on AseelApp directly supports the Turkish and Afghan artisans that painstakingly handcrafted these items. We look forward to receiving your orders. Have a wonderful Women’s Day!

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