Breaking the Mold: Aseel Technology Corporation’s socially responsible Innovative "Buy Good" Program promotes Fair Trade and Empowerment of Artisans from underdeveloped countries.

Introducing the "Buy Good" program of Aseel Technology Corporation, a venture that seeks to empower disadvantaged artisans from emerging economies by giving them a platform to put their products on display, tell their inspirational stories, and sell their products to consumers throughout the world. Aseel's motive is to empower individuals and open doors for those who frequently go unnoticed by established marketplaces.

 The Buy Good initiative promotes mindful consumption and is more than a marketplace. The initiative is dedicated to encouraging ethical and sustainable business practices in the international market. Customers who purchase goods from the Aseel website get access to one-of-a-kind and genuine products made by artisans in Turkey and Afghanistan. They are also assisting in expanding and improving the communities of artisans and their surroundings.

 The CEO of Aseel Technology Corporation, Nasrat Khalid, said, "Our Buy Good program is an extension of our commitment to empower people and create opportunities for those who are frequently disregarded in standard markets." He added, "Our initiative ensures that artisans are paid fairly for their goods and can support themselves and their families utilizing their craft. By encouraging artisans, we want to contribute to all communities and have a constructive impact on the world economy.”

 The Buy Good program offers a variety of goods, such as handcrafted jewelry, apparel, home décor, textiles, ceramics, embroidery, and more. The items are obtained directly from artists in several nations, including Afghanistan and Turkey. Customers can discover more about the artisans and the life stories displayed in their shops by using the Aseel mobile applications, which are accessible on iOS and Android.

 Afghan artisan Shakira Shams said, "We are happy to be a part of the Buy Good initiative and to have the chance to showcase our products to a global audience of consumers. “The program has allowed us to support ourselves and our families via our craft in addition to helping us receive adequate compensation for our products.”

 The Aseel Technology Corporation website is where you can access the Buy Good initiative by reading artisan's stories and purchasing their products.. Join us in our mission to help artisans and communities worldwide as we welcome an innovative era of ethical and conscious consumerism.

For more information, please contact:

Madina Matin

Aseel Technology Corporation

Public Relations Lead

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Published at: 30-04-2023