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At the UN General Assembly (UNGA 78), Aseel is launching a New Technology to Get Direct Support to Afghans and Ensure Transparency

Imagine, anyone, anywhere in the world can send direct aid to a family that needs it inside Afghanistan, and as they send the support, they get a direct feed of the humanitarian package distribution to them on a video – This feature is being piloted on Aseel called direct-aid beta


Washington DC, 11 September 2023

Aseel team announced today that a new modality of aid distribution in Afghanistan that was previously piloted by Aseel is now being officially launched in the UN General Assembly side event Devex @ UNGA event to be live streamed from New York City on the 20th of September. Aseel founder, Nasrat Khalid is going to represent the Afghanistan crisis and support bring together key partners that can use the new feature called Direct-aid beta to send transparent, direct aid to Afghans. The feature will also be open to everyday users through the Aseel iOS and Android apps.

Direct-aid beta builds on the previous work of Aseel where the decentralized aid platform successfully distributed urgent food supplies to over half a million people since it’s inception. Previously, the building blocks that led into direct-aid beta were the heroes or locally known as the Atalan network where young Afghans are now distributing food supplies using refactored delivery technology such as UberEats in the west. In other instance, for transparent tracking and reporting, the Aseel team previously introduced the Omid (Hope) ID cards that have been one of the main reasons of Aseel’s success till date.

Effective 20th of September, as soon as launched, with Aseel Direct-aid beta, users and institutions will be able to deploy aid, identify beneficiaries with Omid ID cards and do full scale distribution using the Atalan/Local Hero delivery agents while receiving a video of the delivery process for every single transaction. The feature is still being tested, thus, Beta, it will be initially launched in Kabul and later rolled out in all provinces of Afghanistan.

In our commitment to transparency, accountability, and human connection, we've taken a step further. With every aid delivery, we share a video that documents the entire process. Through these videos, we humanize the act of giving and receiving help, allowing donors and beneficiaries to witness the direct impact of their contributions. This personal connection fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose, reminding us all that we are part of a global community capable of tremendous kindness and change. In addition, this interaction with Afghanistan, the Aseel team hopes will bring back the attention of the world to what now seems like a forgotten crisis.

Together, we stand beside the resilient women and families of Afghanistan, extending our hands in friendship and hope.


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We are featured by Aljazeera , NPR , Time , The New Humanitarian Podcasts , Washington Examiner , PBSO News Hour , BBC World News , International Finance , The Guardian , AFP , The Globe and Mail and so on.

Aseel is an impact-driven tech start-up connecting underrepresented communities with global customers and contributors. Aseel’s platform is initially designed to support artisans in Afghanistan, connecting them with the worldwide market. Aseel sold over 10,000 handmade products from over 2000 woman-owned and family-run businesses.

On 15 August 2021, Aseel launched its “Do Good” program in Afghanistan to distribute relief packages using its fintech platform. It has assisted over half a million (500,000) individuals and saved thousands of lives in 34 Provinces of Afghanistan.

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Published at: 13-09-2023