Revolutionizing Aid in Afghanistan: Implementing Digitalization for Relief in Afghanistan with Aseel’s “Do Good” Program.

Kabul, Afghanistan - The "Do Good" initiative of Aseel Technology Corporation, a well-known e-commerce technology company, intends to hasten the digitalization of aid in Afghanistan. The program will use advanced technologies, such as mobile applications, to help individuals in need more effectively and efficiently.

The "Do Good" program aims to solve Afghanistan's complicated humanitarian issues, where millions of people urgently need aid due to conflict, displacement, and a recent regime shift. Aseel wants to increase aid distribution efficiency, accountability, and transparency by utilizing technology while lowering fraud and waste.

"We are proud to be at the forefront of the aid digitalization in Afghanistan through our "Do Good" program, which is driven by a strong commitment to empowering communities and fostering positive change in the world." said Ihsan Hassand, "Do Good" lead at Aseel. Our mission is to offer a safe and open platform that enables donors to monitor the results of their donations and guarantees that aid reaches the people who need it most.

In addition, Aseel, Do Good empowers anyone, anywhere in the world, to send direct aid to people in covered areas through Aseel. The infrastructure built provides an interface for individuals; however, the power can be demonstrated on a larger scale with larger organizations that can use our platform to deploy aid. By partnering with NGOs, Civil Society Institutions, diaspora, and impact communities, we believe we can significantly impact the humanitarian aid sector in scale and effectiveness.

The "Do Good" program will collaborate with national and international humanitarian organizations to create and put into practice creative ideas that solve particular challenges associated with delivering aid in Afghanistan and around the world. This program will focus on four key areas:

  1. Digital ID: Aseel’s OMID ID card is a revolutionary tool for aid delivery and digitalization in Afghanistan, providing a unique identification number linked to beneficiaries' personal information. It promotes transparency and visibility while preventing fraud and duplication of distributions. In addition, the Omid card holders can get support anytime and anywhere in Afghanistan by sharing their Omid number with their friends, family, and supporters outside of Afghanistan.
  2. Cash transfers: Aseel has been one of the only payment infrastructure providers that have enabled artisans and beneficiaries to participate in the digital economy. After the withdrawal of the U.S., the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan meant that the central banking system in Afghanistan collapsed. The regime is under sanctions, and all payments are very problematic. We use blockchain technology to enable secure and efficient cash transfers to support artisans and beneficiaries.
  3. Supply chain management: Custom supply chain development using individual intermediaries such as mobile app delivery companies can be an effective way to optimize the last-mile delivery of goods and services in underdeveloped countries by leveraging digital technologies and crowdsourcing to provide more efficient and accessible supply chain solutions. Aseel onboarded local grocery shops in different provinces in Afghanistan that can let the customer buy aid packages delivered quickly in 24-72 hours to the beneficiary in 34 provinces based on the SLA. Atalan and local shops enabled this supply chain to provide the fastest humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.
  4. Transparency: The Atalan (Heroes) network of Aseel is a group of young individuals hailing from various provinces in Afghanistan volunteering their time and effort to help survey the beneficiaries who receive aid from Aseel. Their work is instrumental in ensuring that aid is distributed fairly and that those who need it the most receive the necessary assistance. By leveraging digital technology, the Atalan network can efficiently gather and analyze data on aid recipients, helping Aseel make even more remarkable progress in its mission to create meaningful change and sustainable growth in Afghanistan.

About Aseel Technology Corporation:

Aseel is an impact-driven tech start-up connecting underrepresented communities with global customers and contributors. Aseel’s platform is initially designed to support artisans in Afghanistan, connecting them with the worldwide market. Aseel sold over 10,000 handmade products from over 2000 woman-owned and family-run businesses.

On 15 August 2021, Aseel launched its “Do Good” program in Afghanistan to distribute relief packages using its fintech platform. It has assisted over half a million (500,000) individuals and saved thousands of lives in 34 Provinces of Afghanistan.


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Madina Matin

[email protected]

Published at: 30-04-2023