Clay and Creation: A Perfect Choice for Your Tableware

July 21, 2024


For centuries, creating a chic and inviting ambiance on dining tables has been a trend. People around the world search for beautiful, safe, and manageable tableware sets that complement their home decor. Ceramic tableware sets, including plates, bowls, mugs & glasses, candle sticks, and more, are ideal for enjoying quality meals with loved ones.

Check out some of these ceramic tableware pieces outlined below.

Ceramic Plates

Hand-Painted Plate



Made of native Istalif, Dawlat Abad, and Logar clay, this handmade plate depicts the work of artisans at its finest. No additional chemicals are used in its creation, ensuring its  safety for serving food. The Plate features an antique color scheme of turquoise with a mix of stone and Ishqari plant, giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

Cookie Plate



The striking color blend of red and black makes this Plate set a perfect choice for appetizers or desserts. Its sturdy stoneware construction ensures durability. And what is more? It's dishwasher-safe! Whether used for daily meals or special occasions, this ceramic Plate adds a touch of glamor to any table setting.

Traditional Turkish Plate



The beautiful blue floral pattern on this Turkish plate gives a stunning contrast to any dining decor. With a unique classic curly edge and large size,  this plate is ideal for serving guests with an impression of timeless beauty and intricate details.

Ceramic Bowls

Brown Pearl Bowl 



Featuring delicate pearl accents on its edges, this ceramic bowl is a unique handmade table centerpiece. The bowl's brown exterior and white interior give a striking color palette that is sure to catch the eye. The  bowl's round shape makes it easy to hold while serving snacks or appetizers.

BLue Istalefi Floral Patterned Bowl 



Perfectly matching the blue istalif plate, this bowl is highly recommended by our customers. This exquisite bowl is skillfully crafted from high-quality clay sourced from native Afghanistan regions. The elegant black prints on the inner surface make it  a chic addition to any dining set. Because of its  large size, it is  ideal for serving soups or stews.

Applecandy Bowl 



Made with extreme attention to detail, this stoneware bowl depicts a striking red color on the inner side and brown on the exterior side. The unequal edges give it a rustic charm and innate appeal. It is the perfect complement to any tableware set.

Ceramic Mugs

Carnalval Mug



This carnaval coffee and tea mug is delightfully  vibrant. Featuring black stripes on a white base and a red bottom, Its playful design invites you to enjoy your morning coffee in high spirits.

River Mug



This river mug is a cute addition to your coffee and teacup collection. The soothing pistachio color nicely complements its golden edges. This mug exudes a warm, calming energy, and it's the perfect choice for enjoying some hot cocoa on a cold, snowy day.

Redfoam Espresso Lungo Set



This redfoam mug set features a white base color and a beautiful red and white foggy pattern on the top. Most apt for couples' coffee dates, their stylish and  elegant design compliments the snug feeling of sharing drinks with loved ones.

Ceramic Oil Burner/Candle Holder

Brown Wax Melt Burner 



This burner's distinct design makes it an excellent choice for creating a tranquil ambiance in your home. Consisting of two pieces, the bottom accommodates tea lights or fragrances, while the top can hold a mixture of water and oil or wax melts.

Ceramic Aromatherapy Set



Featuring a rich chocolate brown shade, this set of burners is the perfect choice for indulging in a relaxing  therapy session. The unit is divided into two compartments; each with a unique function. The top portion is designed for water or wax melts while the bottom compartment accommodates a tea light. Furthermore, the oil holder provides ample space for at least three types of oils to add fragrance to your home or office.

Stoneware Candle Holder 



This candle holder features a striking contrast of vivid colors, adding warmth and elegance to any tabletop design. The holder provides a compact central space for arranging candles according to your preference.

Each of these handmade artisanal ceramics were made with love and tenderness by Afghan and Turkish crafters whose love for the craft is reflected in the pieces that they make. So, why not invest in the beauty and aura of your home by purchasing a piece today?

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