From Playing With Paints and Brushes To The Artistic Touch: The Journey of Zohra Jalal

July 21, 2024


Dipping brushes into a vibrant palette of colors and capturing emotions on canvas, the artistic journey of Zohra Jalal, a renowned Afghan painter, is a testament to the talent of self-expression. Let's hear the captivating story behind the color palettes as we explore the life, inspiration, and artistic evolution of Zohra Jalal.

From a young age, Zohra Jalal felt an innate pull toward the art world as she enjoyed this art while accompanying her elder brother, a professional painter. As a child, she would spend hours sketching in the margins of her notebooks, letting her imagination roam freely alongside her brother as her guide. The lines she drew soon evolved into forms, and the forms morphed into scenes that seemed to come alive before her eyes.

In her teenage years, Zohra's passion for painting intensified. Inspired by her brother's works and captivated by the interplay of colors, she began experimenting with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. With each stroke of the brush, she discovered a sense of liberation, a means to express the depth of her emotions and observations about the world. This desire of Zohra led her to enroll in a painting course where she could hone her painting skills for almost two years.

After completing this art education, Zohra set out on a journey of art discovery. Armed with her canvases, paints, and an insatiable thirst for inspiration, she immersed herself in Afghanistan's cultures, landscapes, and artistic traditions. This journey not only expanded her creative horizons but also shaped her artistic interest, infusing her works with a unique blend of influences through her own gallery, "Tablo Gallary."

In 2020, Zohra began her Tablo Gallary, employing a talented team of 13 painters: five men and eight women. Together, they bring diverse perspectives and skills, adding depth and richness to the artistic offerings of the gallery.

Over time, Zohra's artistry evolved, reflecting her gallery's growth, changing perspectives, and her eight years of experience in the painting field. Her work reflected her innermost exploration of color, texture, and form, from bold and vibrant abstract compositions to delicate and ethereal landscapes.

Through perseverance, Zohra's Tablo Gallary began to gain recognition. Exhibiting around 100 pieces of artwork, her shop "Tablo Gallary" attracted a growing circle of admirers, propelling her art to new heights. But amidst the success, Zohra and her team remained grounded, driven by a deep-rooted belief that painting was not merely a profession but a profound means of connecting with the world and touching the hearts of others.

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