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Afghan Women's Fundraiser for Supporting Women in Herat

$315 Raised of $10,000

Disaster Fund: Urgent Relief Aid for Herat Earthquake victims


About Campaign

This heartwarming campaign was initiated by Afghan women hailing from various corners of the globe, coming together with a shared mission: to extend a helping hand to the women in Herat who found themselves in dire need. Their plight became all too apparent on the tragic day of 7th October when Herat was struck by a devastating disaster. In the aftermath, the entire community mobilized to support affected families, but amid this collective effort, a group of women remained particularly vulnerable. These women were without the means to make a living, as they lacked the essential resources, such as beadmakers, that many others took for granted. The primary objective of this campaign is to raise $10,000, with the sincere aim of providing much-needed assistance to the women of Herat who were left isolated and unsupported during this trying time. By uniting their efforts, the global Afghan women behind this initiative aspire to not only offer financial relief but also convey a profound sense of solidarity and empowerment to their fellow women in Herat. In doing so, they hope to be a beacon of hope in a time of darkness and pave the way for these women to rebuild their lives and communities.



Samira Gawhary

Samira Gawhary, with bachelor's degrees in journalism and LLB, is a versatile professional. She excels as a lawyer and a multimedia journalist and is renowned for her talents in painting, drawing, and calligraphy. Notably, she is the youngest recipient of the 40 Under 40 award from Kardan University. Samira has also achieved academic success at Princeton and Cambridge University. Prior to her current roles, Samira worked as a Producer, Director, and Narrator at Kardan Journalism Studio. Currently, she serves as a mentee at luxury brands Dior and LVMH, a volunteer ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and holds a position as a Public Relations Associate and Media Representative at Aseel, a tech-based startup promoting artisan craftsmanship and humanitarian aid worldwide. Samira believes in the practical use of skills to drive the positive change that both businesses and communities urgently need. Aseel's easy-to-use platform not only connects thousands of talented makers with global buyers but also embodies the core values of transparency, privacy, and unwavering customer support. Samira is committed to advancing this noble cause and using her multifaceted talents to make a meaningful impact in the world through Aseel. Based in Kabul.