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Help cancer patients and their families

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It was through a chance encounter with a small child, Aisha, that my husband and I first got involved with Afghanistan, in January 2022. We supported the little girl and her family through her treatment for extensive body burns. But her story was only the start of a journey that took us through the many layers of suffering the people of this country are facing. Thanks to the translator, the doctors and the nurses, we got in touch with a group of cancer patients at Jamhuriat hospital, in Kabul: they all had treatable cancers, but without access to therapies in the country and with no income to travel abroad to Iran or Pakistan, they were left feeling hopeless. For many of these patients, cancer is not the only challenge they are up against: they also face extreme poverty and struggle to feed themselves and their children. While I hope we will soon to be able to raise funds for them to get therapies abroad, with the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I am launching this campaign to buy and distribute food packages lasting two months to the poorest cancer patients and their families. Please help me restore some hope among some of the most vulnerable patients. Thank you!



Manuela Mirkos

Manuela is a media professional living and working in London. Passionate about foreign and current affairs, she has over two decades of experience in the field researching stories, interviewing relevant players and producing news. As the mother of two young women, she is particularly moved by the plight of women and children in Afghanistan.