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Empowering Afghanistan: International Charity Day Relief Fund

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The International Day of Charity coincides with Afghans losing hope in local charities. Even though Afghanistan isn't talked about much, it's facing one of the world's worst crises since people are really struggling because the country's economy is in bad shape. Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods have made things even worse and families and kids are going through a tough time because of years of fighting, being poor, and more natural disasters. Because of uncertainty about how to deal with the people in charge, many groups that used to help Afghanistan are giving less money now. This means some parts of the United Nations are having to stop or reduce their programs because they don't have enough money. This is bad news for regular people who really need help but might not get it. This has also caused a big problem with not having enough food. The UN thinks that out of over 40 million people, about 15 million aren't getting enough to eat. Almost all families, like nine out of ten, don't know where their next meal is coming from. Many families are getting into a lot of debt just to buy food. Right now, the UN wanted to raise about $3.23 billion to help Afghanistan in 2023, but they've only gotten a small part of that. They figured out this amount by looking at how much help the country really needs. In the beginning of 2023, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that around 28.3 million people would need help and protection this year. That's more than before because more people are in danger and need special help. At the same time, charities in Afghanistan are giving up on helping because the situation is so bad. This is leaving the Afghan people in a really tough spot. Aseel Staying, standing and delivering! We stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, who are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, the crisis in Afghanistan demands immediate action. Our emergency response system aims to address the immediate needs of Afghan families and individuals impacted by various crises. When disaster strikes, our compassion knows no bounds Now, With your support, we can provide essential aid and resources to those affected by the economic challenges and natural disasters and make a difference in the lives of those affected by providing them with hope, support, and the resources they need. As a nation faces a profound humanitarian disaster, we stand united in our commitment to help. Your contributions directly support our efforts in providing lifesaving aid and relief to those in distress.




Aseel works to improve the lives of people who have been affected by conflict, poverty, and natural disasters by providing them with essential items such as food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. We also focus on providing education and training to help communities become self-sufficient and independent. We work in partnership with local communities and organizations to ensure that their efforts are sustainable and have a lasting impact. Through our work, we are helping to create a better future for those who have been affected by adversity and are making a positive difference in the world.