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Humanitarian Support for Afghan Children

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Aseel Child Relief Grand Challenge


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According to the Ministry of Public Health, approximately 1 in 10 newborn Afghan babies born since January 2022 have died. That is over 13,000 infant deaths in total from January to March. Source The current situation on the ground in Afghanistan is tremendously dire and is getting worse with each passing day. Food scarcity and inaccessibility to health services have endangered the lives of nearly 12.9 million children. As giant humanitarian organizations have stopped their work in Afghanistan, ASEEL’s Emergency Response needs urgent help to supply these children with nutritional support. You can help aid in that support. I'm asking you to join the Grand Challenge by donating a $55 package to help a malnourished child. This challenge aims to reduce child malnutrition in Afghanistan by supporting and providing essential food packages. Please share this post with your friends and network! Someone might be able to donate a package. But even if you cannot afford a whole package, anyone capable of donating any amount is truly appreciated. Photo: Unicef



Lindsay Pfeiffer

Lindsay Pfeiffer was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and relocated to San Francisco at age 17. She currently works with Miracle Messages, rebuilding social support systems. Miracle Messages is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps people living with housing insecurities rebuild their social support systems and financial security. This is primarily done through family reunification services, a phone buddy program, and basic income pilots. She also assisted with the launch of CRACK + CIDER in San Francisco. CRACK + CIDER is a UK-based nonprofit where you can purchase essential items and care packages to go towards people living without housing or in a shelter. As managing director, Lindsay ran the organization in outreach, PR, supply, and distribution, as well as assisting to increase the average charitable donation from the industry benchmark of $2 to $136.