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Support for GFA 2nd Annual Conference

$50 Raised of $25,000



About Campaign

This fundraising campaign is launched in support of the Global Friends of Afghanistan 2nd Annual Conference hosted at the Military Women’s Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, VA from 1st – 3rd October, 2023. The objective of the fundraiser is to enable GFA and all its partners to achieve the plan of action that will come out of the 2nd annual conference. This fundraiser will also enable GFA to continue supporting the people of Afghanistan through the action plan which will be developed and implemented over the next year. To learn more about GFA 2nd Annual Conference, please click here.  The funds raised in the fundraising campaign will enable GFA to continue its activities and support the people of Afghanistan, educate the world about Afghanistan, amplify Afghan voices, and help Afghans impacted by the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.



Global Friends of Afghanistan

Global Friends of Afghanistan is a US-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, that educates people about the history, culture, and currents affecting Afghanistan. GFA was founded in 2021 and has been working hard to help Afghans in need by engaging with Afghans, policymakers and the media, help Afghans to stay engaged with the global community, educate North America and Europe on Afghanistan. GFA’s work is dedicated to educating the world about Afghanistan while sharing and amplifying Afghan voices. GFA’s mission is to educate people about the history, culture, and current events affecting Afghanistan including the humanitarian, economic development, security, and education needs of the people of Afghanistan. GFA’s envisions a democratic and prosperous Afghanistan at peace with itself and the world. To read more about GFA, please visit their website here.