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Donate and Let Aseel Decide


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Some of the internal refugees or people in need require things that can’t be added as packages. For example, we get requests for pots and pans, bags or transport charges to their cities. Use the donate and let ASEEL decide to that and we will decide and report back to you.




Aseel is committed to supporting people in vulnerable communities. We started our work from supporting local Afghan artisans by selling their products worldwide. Now we are expanding our support to the entire Afghanistan by providing humanitarian assistance to war-affected people. We have added emergency aid packages for people to purchase and help families in need directly. However, some internally displaced families require things that cannot be added as packages such as medical fees, rental fees, transport charges to their cities, school equipment, school fee, and etc. Therefore, we have enabled the option "Donate and Let Aseel Decide" through which people can donate any amount and we will deliver it to those in need and report back. The money received will be used for different purposes. We have health workers who have not been paid for months, school teachers without salaries, and artisans who have not sold anything in the last 4 months. Aseel is responsible for every penny you donate.