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Ramadan Grand Challenge

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, holds a holy importance for Muslims worldwide. It is a month of fasting, and prayer, showing the true devotion to Allah and strengthening one's spiritual connection. However, for many Afghans, especially those living in poverty or facing financial hardships, affording daily meals during Ramadan is a challenge. The economic strain coupled with the rising cost of living has made it incredibly difficult for individuals and families to meet their basic needs, including food. For these individuals, the inability to afford nutritious meals can have severe effects on their health, well-being, and ability to fully participate in Ramadan activities.

In such circumstances, initiatives like Aseel Ramadan campaigns play a crucial role in reducing hunger and supporting those in need. Aseel's Ramadan initiative ensures that most people in our neighborhood do not go hungry during this holy month. Our mission is to provide essential food items and dairy products to those who are unable to afford the daily Iftar and Sehri meals, ensuring that everyone can observe Ramadan with comfort.

Through your generous donations, we will create and distribute two vital packages: the Ramadan Food Package and the Daily Iftar Package.

The Ramadan Package for Families

Flour: 50 kg

Rice: 10 kg

Beans: 5 kg

lentils: 3 kg

Onion: 7 kg

Potatoes: 7 kg

Jam: 2 bottles

Green Tea: 1 Kg

Green Tea: 1 Kg

Dates: 2 boxes

Cooking Oil: 5 liters

Cheese: 10 small bar

Macaroni: 4 packet

Tomato Paste: 1.6 kg

Egg Comb: 30

Sugar: 7 kg

In addition, our Daily Iftar Package provides cooked food for Iftar daily to those who need it most. Each package includes Qabuli, 2 pieces of bread, 1 bottle of water, 4 dates, 1 apple, and 1 cold drink. These ready-to-eat items will be distributed daily, allowing individuals and families to break their fast with ease and satisfaction.

To keep our campaign smooth for the entire month of Ramdan, we ask everyone worldwide for their contributions that can bring relief during this sacred time. Together, let's ensure that Afghans can observe Ramadan with compassion, and solidarity. Please donate, start your own supporting Campaigns to provide relief to families anywhere in Afghanistan and share this with your friends, family and loved ones.

Throughout Ramadan, every donation, no matter the size, directly helps Afghan families, including street-working children, women, and men, reflecting the spirit of charity and communal support.

To order this package and donate to a needy family in Afghanistan,
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