Campaigns FAQs

Campaign stands for fundraising but for a meaningful cause. It enables anyone ( individuals, entities, organizations…) from anywhere in the world to raise funds to alleviate emergencies, financial need, and respond to other humanitarian causes.
Campaign Organizers (Fundraisers) can be Individuals, legal entities, or non-profit organizations that are willing to voluntarily (without any reward) work and start a campaign with Aseel with a pre-approved agreement from both sides for a specific period of time, beneficiaries, and purposes such as humanitarian aid, community building, and other community services.
Fundraisers can start a campaign by clicking the [Start a Campaign] button anywhere on Aseel website. After review and authorization by the Aseel Campaign Department, the campaign will be approved in accordance with the defined ethical conduct of this policy.
You may initiate campaigns aimed at human development and sustainability within categories such as Education, Health, Emergency, Financial Assistance, Humanitarian Aid, and Non-Profit endeavors.
Yes, a campaign can be terminated under certain circumstances. If Aseel discovers any violation of law, discriminative advertisement, misrepresentation of information, fraud, harassment, misuse, false information about the campaign organizer’s biography and campaign description, political use of the campaign by the campaign organizer, or any violation of the defined Campaign Conduct that affects Aseel’s image and reputation, the campaign may be terminated.
Once a campaign reaches its deadline, the next step is the distribution and use of the funds for the campaign’s purposes and targeted beneficiaries. In addition, the campaign organizer can request an extension of their campaign deadline.
After the campaign completed its target, the funds will be allocated to accomplish the campaign's goals. This may involve the purchase and distribution of direct aid packages or the disbursement of funds directly to the designated beneficiaries, not the organizer of the campaign.
Donations - Aseel Humanitarian funds - made to the Aseel Foundationare tax-deductible. The Aseel Foundation is a 501c3. The foundation provides humanitarian relief aid on the ground using Omid IDs and Atalan, directly supporting artisans and those in urgent need. Donors can receive tax benefits while contributing to the Aseel Foundation's efforts. Though donations to the foundation are tax-deductible, purchases of direct aid beta packages or donations made to Campaigns or Grand Challenges on are not.
Your campaign can run until its defined deadline. Additionally, the campaign organizer has the flexibility to extend the deadline as needed.
The campaign target amount is determined by the organizer according to the campaign’s goals and needs. While there is a minimum target of $300 USD, there is no maximum limit.

Here are some effective ways to promote your campaign:

  • Share your campaign's story, impact, and urgency with your network and audience. Encourage them to support you by sharing it on social media, discussing it with their network, and sending out emails.
  • Provide regular updates about your campaign's progress, sharing news daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Use multiple communication platforms to reach out to your network.
Yes, absolutely. Aseel’s Do Good operates as a feature of Aseel Platform’s online campaign fundraising service provider. It allows campaigns to be shared extensively on social media, web pages, via emails, and through digital advertising, both on Aseel’s platform and from the fundraiser's side.
To monitor your campaign's progress, simply start a campaign and sign up. Once done, you'll gain access to an Aseel account. Within this account, you can conveniently track various aspects of your campaign, including campaign information, support received, DirectAid orders, and posting updates.
Donations are received through your campaign's dedicated page. When donors visit your campaign page, they can simply click the "Support Now" button, which will direct them to a payment page where they can donate their desired amount.

Aseel accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Paypal
Organizers do not have the option to directly withdraw funds. Instead, they can utilize the funds to assist vulnerable families through direct aid packages, health support, education, or other urgent needs. Before disbursing funds, beneficiaries undergo identification and verification processes. Once verified, they are assigned Omid IDs to enhance transparency for donors and campaign organizers.
Yes, you can edit your campaign's information from your Aseel account. However, please note that any changes you make should adhere to the platform's guidelines and campaign policies for transparency and accuracy.
You can communicate with and thank your donors by accessing their email addresses. Only donors who have agreed to share their email addresses will have them listed on the support page of your campaign.
Yes, you can request the cancellation of your campaign by contacting [email protected] and providing valid reasons.