Grand Challenge FAQs

The grand challenge is Aseel's initiative, a call to action to address urgent global issues, including humanitarian crises, education, hunger, women's rights, and child malnutrition, offering immediate responses and fostering collaboration to develop solutions. Grand challenges can often have supporting campaigns initiated by other organizations or individuals that help to raise awareness and support for tackling these pressing concerns.
Grand challenges address urgent and pressing issues, providing immediate responses to aid those in need. These challenges are distinguished by their focus on substantial causes aiming to support a larger group of individuals. Unlike smaller-scale efforts, grand challenges are strategic and comprehensive, seeking to tackle significant problems.
Individuals cannot independently initiate a grand challenge, but you have the opportunity to start campaigns that align with and support the existing grand challenges created by Aseel. If you have a cause that needs to be initiated as a grand challenge, you must contact the Do Good team of Aseel, who can provide guidance on how to do so.
Grand Challenges address broader issues, aiming to provide support and solutions to a wide-ranging and substantial group of individuals suffering the most. Meanwhile, campaigns focus more on specific, individual causes, tailoring the efforts to address targeted issues within a particular community. The distinction lies in the scale and scope of impact.
To initiate a campaign in support of an established Grand Challenge, navigate to the Grand Challenge page []. Here, you can pick a grand challenge from the available category options. Once you've selected, start your campaign by completing the form with the necessary details for both the organizer and the campaign.