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What is Atalan Network?

Atalan is a Pashto word, the plural of Atal means “hero” Atalan means “heros.” The Atalan Network refers to a group of individuals who collaborate with Aseel in various aspects of Aseel’s products such as Buy Good and Do Good and receives compensation or reimbursement for completed tasks.

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What does Atalan do?

Atalan Network members can support artisans, small businesses, and families in need by creating shops, listing products, registering and verifying families, and ensuring aid delivery under Aseel’s Buy Good and Do Good initiatives.

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The Atalan Network welcomes individuals who are 18 years or older, literate, and able to communicate in English to join.

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Atalan Earnings

Do Good

Food Delivery

358 AFN

Per verified Delivery

  • Get the package from the vendor
  • Deliver to the beneficiary
  • Issue Omid ID as per guidance If Needed

Do Good

Omid ID Registeration

89 AFN

Per verified Omid ID

  • Survey the family and gather biographic information as per the Omid ID Application Form
  • Complete Household Survey of the Omid ID card Holder
  • Issue a hard copy of Omid ID and provide instructions on how the QR code can be used to get direct aid

Do Good

Omid ID Verification

89 AFN

Per verified Omid ID

  • Use the Atalan Platform assigned verification of families to select the location of families you need to verify
  • Visit the location and verify the information, provide notes of irregularities
  • Confirm the Omid ID as verified
  • Provide information on how to use a QR code to get direct aid

Buy Good

Vendor Addition

1,340 AFN

Per verified vendor

  • Awareness regarding Aseel
  • Identification of vendors
  • Encouraging vendors to become Aseel Sellers
  • Creation of a Seller Account
  • Text and photo story of the Vendor
  • Listing at least 10 products to of the shop through the seller portal
  • Approved by Aseel and visible in the store

Buy Good

Product Addition

89 AFN

Per verified product

  • Product Description as per guidance
  • Photography of product
  • Creative content as per guidance
  • Product listing/uploading as per guidance
  • Verification by Aseel and visible in the store

Frequently Asked Questions

Atal is a Pashto word that means "heroes." The plural of Atal is Atalan, meaning "heroes." An 'Atal' performs a task on behalf of Aseel but receives no compensation or reimbursement. An 'Atal' must be officially accepted and enrolled by the Aseel prior to the task performance and completion. Atalans are not considered Aseel employees unless stated. Hence, the Aseel Atalans are referred to as "Aseel Atalan."

The Atalan Network refers to all the Atalan inside and outside Afghanistan collaborating with Aseel in different aspects of Emergency Response and Handmade.

Atalan are responsible for a number of tasks. These tasks include the following or as instructed by the Aseel Team:

  • Deliver packages
  • Identify beneficiaries (conduct survey)
  • Verify beneficiaries
  • Provide a report on daily distributions
  • Social media engagement (post, reshare/retweet, like, comment)
  • Promote campaigns on social media platforms using specific hashtags provided by the Media Team. Post and share Aseel’s content directly.
  • Record beneficiary National ID Numbers and get their signatures while delivering the packages.
  • Register vendors on Aseel Platform and add their products.
  • To join the Atalan Network, you must fill out the following form. Once you submit the form, a representative from Aseel will get in touch with you and onboard you as a atalan.

    Anyone 18 years of age or older who has graduated from high school is eligible to atalan.

    Aseel pays its atalans based on delivering a package. Aseel pays $4 per package delivered.

    Aseel has started an Apprenticeship Program where we introduce atalans or families in need to our vendors to learn new skills. This way a atalan can develop new skills and work.

    Aseel conducts meetings, workshops, and training for the Atalan Network monthly and quarterly. These workshops cover various aspects of the Aseel platform, Aseel Emergency Response, and handmade or overall to help Atalan develop the required skills.

    Aseel will provide a certificate to the Atalan when needed.

    The Atalan in no way shall accept a gift from a donor or beneficiary.

    Aseel only shares the name, address and phone number of the families to whom the package shall be delivered.

    The Atalan are required to keep all information strictly confidential and by no means shall reveal them to any third party.