Mothers' Day, a celebration in honor of mothers and motherhood, is celebrated in many countries, typically in May or March. In its current form, mothers' Day originated in the United States in the early 1920s when Anna Jarvis organized a service in honor of her late mother.

Although every country has its own unique way of celebrating Mothers' Day, the aim is still the same; to celebrate and honor the mother of the household. As is our tradition at Aseel, we have created a special selection of products that would make awesome gifts to honor the mothers in your life.

Casual Wear Women's Outfit

handmade gift ideas for mothers day

Brand: Afghan Women Educational Center Handicraft Shop - $34

This hand-stitched Crepe fabric dress, native to Afghan culture, is a unique mix of both comfort and style.

Knitted White Winter Shawl 

handmade mothers day gift ideas

Brand: Roshan Delan Handicrafts Shop - $17

With a unique and subtle charm, this beautiful winter shawl is a unique blend of antique and modern styles. It is meticulously handmade and has extreme attention to detail. Why not delight the mother in your life with this stunning winter shawl?

Handmade Floral Necklace 

mothers day gift ideas 2023

Brand: Sanya Jewellery Shop - $249

Another beautiful gift for any mother is this elegant floral necklace. Exquisitely handmade, it is simple, unique, and will blend perfectly with any style.

Mithra Liu Purple 

mothers day gift ideas

Brand: Dylla-Atelier - $36

With its rustic charm and playful design, this gorgeous handmade purple purse is the perfect size for a casual outing.

Velvet Handmade Sandals 

gift ideas for mothers day

Brand: Afghan Women Educational Center Handicraft Shop - $35

These Velvet and pearl sandals are beaming with simple elegance and charm. These sandals are fashionable and comfortable, perfect for the on-the-go mom.

Any purchase you make on AseelApp directly empowers the incredible artisans that make them. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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