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Winter Relief Campaign for Afghanistan

Over 24 million Afghans are facing a humanitarian crisis and desperate...

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ACAA | Support 50 Afghan Women in tech

This program primarily focuses on providing remote employment and lead...

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Aseel | Support 50 Afghan Women in tech

This program primarily focuses on providing remote employment and lead...

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Fighting Hunger and Cold in Afghanistan: Help Us Provide Warmth and Food This Winter

This winter, 19.9 million people across Afghanistan are expected to ex...

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Let’s support families in need

Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with a ver...

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Urgent Appeal for Earthquakes in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey has been devastated by two major earthquakes in...

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Sponsor Orphans and Poor Students Education: Year 1

As you are aware of the economic situation in Afghanistan, most studen...

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Urgent Winter Support to the People In Need

The concern of the Afghan people has begun to grow as the deadly winte...

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Urgent: Second round of winter emergency aid campaign for Afghan disabled, orphans, and widows

The winter came and the people of Afghanistan found themselves in a di...

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Help working children of Bamyan province to go to school

Children are the most vulnerable in society. They need protection and ...

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Help for survival of Afghan women and their children in Jabalsaraj

We are helping 11 women and their children in the Jabalsaraj district ...

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Food for families of Afghan women and girls in sewing course

In January 2023, we started our Sewing training courses alongside Lite...

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Chicken farm for women in Afghanistan

Each woman receives a large chicken coop with 30 chickens, feeds, and ...

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Bamyan Winter Relief

Women are half of a society, and it is impossible to deny the power an...

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Khālkoobi baraye Afghanistan: Help Afghans survive the winter

Afghanistan is currently facing a severe humanitarian crisis. Winter c...

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Educational Materials/Supplies for Women in Afghanistan

This campaign focuses on providing Afghan girls and women with educati...

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Winter Relief for Children in Nimroz Province

With the help of Aseel app, donations to this campaign will support ch...

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Education for All: Helping Afghan Women Thrive

Women in Afghanistan are now banned from all forms of education, inclu...

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Help Save Afghan Lives

Families in Afghanistan are in a humanitarian crisis, with natural dis...

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Support Afghan Families

Help vulnerable families receive food and shelter during these dark ti...

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Winter Relief for Afghanistan

While we sit in the warmth and comfort of our homes, let's not forget ...

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This campaign is a help for people in need in movement who they are ac...

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Providing Smokeless Bread Making Stoves for a Safe and Healthy Home Environment

World Health Organisation (WHO) data states that “4.2 million people...

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ABJI: Sister to Sister Campaign

"Afghanistan is the only country in the world where girls are banned f...

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Afghanistan Winter Challenge

Support for families in Afghanistan who have lost their livelihood, ho...

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Let’s Help Aseel Support Afghan Families this Winter

I wanted to launch this campaign to encourage the Afghan diaspora in m...

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Working Children Winter Relief Aid

Watching the snow falling down from the window panes with a cup of war...

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Food Support for Afghan Families

Many of us are lucky enough to take food for granted - no worries abou...

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Emergency Winter Campaign for Afghanistan

OneAfghanistan & Aseel have joined together to help the winter emergen...

$12675 raised of $15000


Winter Season Support for Families in Maidan-Wardak Province, Afghanistan

The goal of this campaign is to gather donations for emergency food an...

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Relief for Jawand District, Badghis

Badghis is one of the most deprived provinces of Afghanistan: one of o...

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Support Logar Province Relief Efforts for Winter

"My ancestry traces back to Logar, Afghanistan. Many of my extended fa...

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Winter food packages for Khost province

The winter will be hard for many people in Afghanistan struggling to f...

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Fundraising for Afghan girls to get educated

As might know that female high school students cannot attend school, a...

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Winter Support for Afghan Families in 2022

"As always, it is our responsibility to notice the advantages we have ...

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Child and Family Relief Round 2

The "Child and Family Relief Fund" campaign aims to support families w...

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Support Afghan Families of Herat Province in Winter Season

Afghanistan is currently facing a humanitarian crisis and this winter ...

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Support Afghan Families in Winter Season

Millions of people in Afghanistan are experiencing misery and hunger a...

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Support Campaign for Hostel Afghan Students in Kabul

This campaign has been launched for needy students who cannot provide ...

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Winter Drive: Show kindness to the poor in Afghanistan

The unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan continues to dete...

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Food Support for Kandahar Province in Winter Season

The only faith-based foundation for Afghan widows and orphans is to ad...

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Keep up Education for Afghan girls in Afghanistan

In March 2022, secondary schools have been closed again for girls and...

$440 raised of $12200


Support treatment of Shahrbano

Aseel was recently contacted by Shahrbano, a 35-year-old Afghan woman ...

$1564 raised of $1000


Support Afghan Students in Turkmenistan to Complete their Studies

We are a group of six passionate students who came to Turkmenistan thr...

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Help and Kindness Campaign

Help and Kindness Campaign aims to save lives by providing humanitaria...

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Food Support for Needy Families in Bamyan Province

Women are half of society, and it is almost impossible to deny the pow...

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Help Me Support Book & Pen Education Center for Afghan Children in Parwan Province

We are more than any time need your support to expend Book & Pen Educa...

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Kabul & Dashti Barchi Emergency Assistance

As a school in Kabul was targeted leaving over 19 fatalities & 27 curr...

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Responding to the Afghanistan School Blast

At least 19 were killed, and 27 others were wounded in a targeted atta...

$6885 raised of $20000


Birthday Fundraiser for Indira Gandhi Children Hospital

Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital is located in Kabul, Afghanistan. In...

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Help families affected by the flood in Malistan

The Malistan district of Ghazni province was one of the areas heavily ...

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Support Flood Affected Families in Khoshi District Logar

n recent days, my home region of Logar in eastern Afghanistan has been...

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Support Victims of Flash Floods in Parwan

Heavy rainfall has led to flash flooding in Parwan, causing absolute d...

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Afghanistan Flood Relief

The devastating flash floods in the eastern Afghan province of Logar, ...

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Donate for those affected with last night Flood in Afghanistan-Tarelly Jalalabad

I am starting this new campaign to help those who got affected last ni...

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Help the Flood Affected Families in Nangarhar

Just last night, on the 14th of August a deadly flood ruined the house...

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Let's Support The Flood Affected Impoverished Families in Dasht E Barchi Kabul

Dasht e Barchi is one of Kabul’s poorest neighborhoods but with litt...

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Support The Grieving Families Of The Recent Terrorist Attacks In Western Kabul

I am organizing this campaign to support the grieving families of the ...

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Livelihoods & Winter Relief Package to Afghan Women Breadwinners - Second Round

Afghanistan developed into one of the worst humanitarian crises in his...

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Let's Support Vulnerable Afghan Women in Winter

This campaign focuses on vulnerable widow's and female breadwinners in...

$345 raised of $2500


Ibrahim's cancer treatment

Ibrahim is a 12-year-old boy from Afghanistan that has been diagnosed ...

$820 raised of $16000


Help starving people of Afghanistan in bagram

This campaign will primarily focus on the city of Bagram in Afghanista...

$1700 raised of $1700


Let's Tackle the Child Malnutrition in Afghanistan

The Child Malnutrition Crisis in Afghanistan and GAF's Response:  Af...

$595 raised of $20000


Help me Support Female school teachers in winter season

Afghan Female teachers: play a crucial role in the matter as they pro...

$293 raised of $5500


Let's Save an Orphan's Life in Afghanistan

I am starting this campaign to help the family of Rahiba, she is 10 ye...

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Let's Fundraise For Afghans from Victoria

I am raising money this week for the people hardest hit by the earthqu...

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Emergency Aid for Afghanistan’s Forgotten Province: Daikondi

Even before the rule of the curent government, Daykundi was one of the...

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The Help and Kindness Campaign for Badakhshan's Impoverished Families

The campaign of help and kindness was launched on December 7, 2021, by...

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Distributions of shoes and clothes in Kabul Orphanages

Nothing would be better than having new clothes and comfortable shoes ...

$130 raised of $15000


Help Recent Earthquake Victims in Afghanistan

Hello and Salam to YOU! My friends, and I are planning to help raise...

$358 raised of $2000


Emergency Appeal for Paktika

A powerful earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan killing 1,000, injuri...

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Urgent: Earthquake Relief for Afghanistan

Over 1,000 people were killed and an estimated 1,500 injured by a 6.1-...

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