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Looking to add a touch of Afghan tradition and style to your wardrobe? Look no further! We have the finest pakol hats for sale, the traditional Afghan hat/cap that has been worn for centuries. Crafted from high-quality wool, these pakols are known for their warmth and unique design. Handmade with care, these pakols will keep your head and ears cozy during chilly winter days and nights, making them the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity like camping or hiking.

Embrace the sophistication and elegance of the Afghani pakol, as it effortlessly complements casual and formal outfits. Own this versatile and practical piece that will add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.


Is Pakol Afghan or Pakistani?

The pakol, also known as the Chitrali cap or Afghan cap, is a traditional hat that is associated initially with the people of Chitral, an area in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, and the people of Nuristan and some other regions in Afghanistan. Therefore, the pakol has cultural significance in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Men in these regions wear it to protect themselves from the sun and cold weather.

What is the Purpose of Pakol?

The purpose of the pakol is to serve as a traditional Afghan hat worn for protection from the sun and cold weather.

What is the Origin of the Pakol?

The origin of the pakol is believed to be from Afghanistan. It is a traditional hat that Afghan people have worn for many generations.

What is an Afghan Cap Called?

An Afghan cap is called a "pakol" or "pakul" in the local languages.

What Materials Are Used to Make a Pakol?

Authentic pakols are made from sheep's wool that is first spun into thread and then woven into fabric. The fabric is then dyed and shaped into a distinctive round cap.

What Are the Different Styles of Pakol?

Different styles of pakol vary in size, shape, and color. The classic style is round or oval with a flat top and a rolled brim. Some variations have flaps that can be worn down to cover the ears.

How Are Pakols Worn?

Pakols are typically worn tilted to one side with the brim rolled up. They are meant to fit snugly around the head to ensure that they do not get blown off in windy weather.