Aseel Cancellation Policy

Aseel Cancellation Policy

At Aseel, we understand that sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to cancel an order you've placed. We aim to make this process as convenient and transparent as possible. Please review our cancellation policy below for more details:

  1. Order Cancellation Window:

You can request the cancellation of your order within 30 minutes of placing it. After this initial 30-minute window, you may not be able to cancel the order as it might have entered the processing or shipping phase.


  1. How to Request Cancellation:

To cancel your order, log in to your Aseel account.

   - Navigate to your order history.

   - Find the order you wish to cancel and click on the "Cancel Order" button.

   - Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation request.


  1. Refund Process:

If your cancellation request is successful and your payment has already been processed, we will initiate a refund to your original payment method.

Refunds may take a few business days to process, depending on your payment provider.


  1. Partial Cancellations:

In some cases, you may request to cancel only part of an order (e.g., individual items from a multi-item order). Please note that partial cancellations are subject to review and may not be possible in all cases.


  1. Order Status:

You can check the status of your order and cancellation request in your order history. If the order has already been shipped, you can no longer cancel your order.


  1. Customer Support:

If you encounter any issues or require assistance with order cancellations, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]. They will be happy to help you with your cancellation request.


  1. Exceptional Circumstances:

In exceptional cases, such as system errors or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel an order on our own and provide you with a full refund.


Please note that this cancellation policy is subject to change, and the terms and conditions in effect at the time of your order will apply. We aim to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible and appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy.


Last updated: 01/Nov/2023