Cancellation and Return Policy

Cancellation Policy

Aseel accepts cancellations under certain circumstances. Only a seller can cancel an order through the application, but if a customer wishes to cancel an order, they can contact the seller through the application directly. A seller may cancel a transaction under the following circumstances:

  • The customer did not pay. (Seller may flag a buyer for a payment not received, chargeback, or canceled payment.)
  • Both customer and seller agree to cancel the transaction before shipment, and the seller has issued the customer a full refund.
  • The customer did not receive the item(s) ordered, even though the seller has provided proof of shipping and the seller has issued a refund for the item. (In this case, the customer would receive a refund of not just the price of the item(s) ordered but the shipping and handling fees as well.)


All Cancellations Must Follow These Policies:

  • The order meets one of the above criteria
  • The customer has not yet received their item. (Received orders don’t qualify for cancellation.)
  • The seller refunds the customer in full, except as described above.


Return Policy

Aseel delivers one-of-a-kind products from remote parts of the world directly to your door. As such, we do not accept returns to exchange one of our unique products for another. However, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong, and will accept returns for incorrectly sized clothing or if the products are damaged upon arrival. Please see our return policies below for clarification.


We accept free returns within 10 days after delivery of the item, If:

  • The item delivered is different from the one being ordered by the customer.
  • Size, color, and other specifications do not match the order.
  • The product is delivered later than the expected date and time.
  • The product is fully or partially damaged at the time of delivery.

Contact Us at [email protected] regarding returns. 


Return policy or requirements vary for some products.

  • If a return is required, the item must be in the same package as it was delivered.
  • The absence of all applicable tags of the product will not be an acceptable return. 
  • Any product that has been damaged or altered after delivery will not be an acceptable return.

It can take up to 7 working days for returned products to reach our fulfillment center; it will take two working days to process the refund and an additional two days for the returned amount to show in your account.


NOTE: This timeframe is an estimate for orders within the US and Canada. Other customer locations are subject to varying time frames. We will let you know if processing your order will take more than the typical 9-10 days, which is subject to the banking process.


Since we do not accept returns or exchanges of an item, we do not issue refunds for our products. However, if your item is delivered outside of our 9-10 days, we will offer a store credit for a 30% discount on your next item purchased with us.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]


Revised: February 2023