Astounding Handmade Collection from 5 Turkish Artisans

July 21, 2024


With ever-changing fashion trends and tendencies, Aseel is back with its five most popular Turkish artists, who continue to astound us with their imaginative craftworks.

Impressive, creative, and fascinating, our new Turkish vendors' handmade collections are worth exploring. The designs and patterns implemented on each piece are captivating and versatile, giving the user an elevated look. From jewelry pieces to hand-knitted winter outfits, all display their artisan's dazzling and delicate crafting, which originates from Turkey's diverse cultures and traditions.

We know that choosing one amongst many is very challenging; therefore, we invite you to check out our top five Turkish items featuring unmatched and one-of-a-kind crafting designs.

Bird Figure Bronze Earrings

$49.72 for one pair


Every jewelry piece has its charm and beauty, but earrings have always been fashionable, no matter what you wear or where you go. Su Boutique’s ancient design bird figure bronze earring pair will undoubtedly assist you in boosting your personality. This pair of bronze earrings feature white pearls at the bottom and green gemstones at the top and center, giving a thrilling look. The ornament is made with the bird figure as a base to give it an exquisite appearance. If you are wearing an eastern wedding dress, then do not miss out on wearing this earring pair.

Oval Three-Stone Ring 

$163 for one piece


Besides gold and diamond, silver for jewelry pieces is yet another option for multiple cultures and traditions. This is due to the belief that silver guards against evil spirits and the known medical benefits of preventing skin infections. Mira Silver Art's oval-shaped ring is made of 95% sterling silver and a blue opal gemstone. The three round blue opal stones, alongside the engraving patterns on the ring's surface, combine traditional and modern contemporary designs, giving a sparkling appearance to the ring. It invites its wearers to celebrate their favorite occasions while feeling unique and elegant.

Tourmaline Dainty Necklace

$160 for one piece


Janyag Jewellery’s pendant is another ornament piece added to your wishlist. This necklace is made of 95% sterling silver and a one-of-a-kind tourmaline gemstone. The gemstone is carved in a pear shape and is surrounded by a thick silver frame. This limited edition of the handcrafted necklace also comes with a stunning jewelry box and a 40cm chain. The necklace pendant is best suited if you are wearing any outerwear costume.

Bohemian Hat

$75 for one pair


Winter is on its way, and we all look for quality hand-knitted outfits that keep us warm and give us a perfect sense of style. Take a unique approach to on-demand trends with Chandaka's two-piece hand-woven hat and scarf. This lovely square shawl and hat are crafted from high-quality cotton, wool, and acrylic yarn. The knitwear is extremely soft and comfortable, allowing you to move freely. These two are ideal for winter-friendly outings and evening gatherings.

Handknitted Crochet Cardigan 

$140 for one piece


Afra's comfy knitted jacket will keep you warm this winter. This cardigan is hand-knit from soft cotton crochet material, featuring squared knitting patterns on a white background. The sweater has an open front, long sleeves, and no side pockets. The elasticity in the knits makes the jacket stretchable and pleasant to wear, making it ideal for winter outerwear. In addition, this cardigan pairs well with Chandaka's hand-woven hat and scarf, as all feature the same knitting design, fabric, and color combination.

We make these items with love and care to ensure that you have the most beautiful outfits and ornaments that tell your stories in the best way possible.

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