Crafted with Love: Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Couples

June 13, 2024


“For I Love You in Secret, Between the Shadow and the Soul”

Valentine's Day's delicate embrace, where every heartbeat sings of eternal love, has scented the air with the gentle flutter of beautiful gifts for decades, making it a trend. Some opt for romantic valentine’s gift cards, cakes, or valentine day decorations, while others cherish the elegance of handmade valentine’s gifts, finding beauty in simplicity above all else and enjoying the traditions at fullest.

Whether it's selecting the perfect dress or choosing the ideal piece of jewelry, or even picking out special room decor items to delight your sweetheart, our Valentine’s Day Gift Collection offers something unique for every personality and budget. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, these gifts are tailored to suit the everlasting intimate preferences of couples. Be sure as your valentine will cherish every present you choose from our Valentine’s Gift Collection.

Outfits That’ll Define Her/His Personality

Whether she prefers a valentine night out with an Afghan attire or he enjoys the comfort of casual Turkish shirts, be sure to fall for a combo of traditional and modern outer-wear from Qanawiz Fashion, Su Boutique, Kitowel and Alnoor The House of Fashion.

Silk Maxi with Embroidered Belt - $69 | By Qanawiz Fashion

Binding Dress with Green Patterned Neck - $51.57 | By Su boutique

Light Brown 3D Print Men's Cloth - $30.60 | By abarasmaan

Indigo Blue Dominant Collar Teleapa Shirt - $36 | By Su boutique

Jewelry That Ignites the Love Charm

Be it a two-heart-rose-gold bracelet, angel-wings-boho ring, or a rumi-filigree-gold pendant, your valentine is crushing on the elegant intricacy of artisanal jewelry pieces. Each jewelry aligns with the kind of love you want to wear for your valentine.

Two-Heart Rose Gold Turkish Bracelet - $69 | By Sanya Jewellery TR

Gold Angel Wings Boho Ring - $17 | By Nes Queen Designs

Lapis Gold Plated Rumi Pendant - $253 | By Afghan jewelry empire

Turkish Wedding Ring - $134.10 | By Yetkins Jewellery

Turquoise Stone Silver Bracelet - $176 | By Zargarzada Gem & Jewelry

Silver Red Agate Stone Halo Ring - $47 | By Lal-Hendokosh Jewelry

Luxuries He/She’ll Love

When it comes to holding onto the love presents, handmade engraved gift boxes and luxury bags are always in high demand. The leather backpack or wallet, a-three-in-one wooden engraved jewelry box or a wooden watch box, all nod to the spirit of valentine celebration. Each is a must-have for every fashion glamor.

Cross-Body Chic Chain Quilted Bag - $31.19 | By Su boutique

Wooden 3-in-one Compartment Jewelry Box - $38 | By Nil Arts

Olive Green Flip Wallet - $30 | By Lummbo

Walnut Wood Square Heart Painted Gift Box - $49 | By Afghan Lajaward Arts

Love Curated Homeware

To arrange his office space, and the wooden-table-organizer is just the ideal thing for him. Or maybe she could groom her room wall with the beautiful moments shared with you, with the wooden valentine-stone-artwork frame. Or imagine enjoying a coffee with your sweetheart in Aristo - Coffee Cups, immersed in the memorable  candlelight ambiance of love.

Wooden Valentine Wall Artwork - $101 | By Bastani Wooden Products

Ceramic Snack Bowl for Couples - $49 | By Siesta Studio

Ceramic Home Decor Gift - $64 | By Siesta Studio

This Valentine’s Day, let your love story be the talk of the town for its style with handmade gifts that speak from the heart. Shop our Valentine’s Gift Collection and make every moment count. After all, true love deserves to be celebrated every day.

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