Deck Out Your Space With Hand-Woven Afghan Oriental Rugs

July 21, 2024


Afghan carpets and rugs have always been well-renowned for their delicate vintage designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and vibrant color schemes. These rugs have been sought for centuries and are still a priority choice for those who wish to have a retro interior setup.

Whether you are seeking a small area rug for your kitchen or larger runner rug for your hallway, our Afghan oriental rugs are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns that can go with any home decor.  So, why not add some beauty and history to your space with these handmade carpets?

Living Room Rugs

Adding an element of style to the living space can instantly make your home more inviting and glamorous. Why not spruce up your living space with one of these sophisticated Afghan hand-woven rugs?

Chobi Hand-Woven Area Carpet 



This stunning carpet is crafted with the finest Watani wool for exceptional durability and comfort. The rug is meticulously woven in an intricate pattern of cream, yellow, red, and green. Measuring 7' 8" X 5' 3" ft, it's the perfect size for any living room.

Mirror Design Hand-Woven Carpet 



Another carpet for your living space is this exquisite hand-woven carpet that  features an intricate weaving pattern from Mazar-e-Sharif. The vibrant color palette of cream, dark and bright blue, red, green, caramel, and yellow create a bold statement piece. Measuring 10' 1" X 6' 5" ft, it can add unparalleled charm to your space.

Fish Design Hand-Woven Carpet 



Crafted from maranus wool, this carpet showcases a captivating fusion of traditional and modern Aqcha weaving patterns. Its delightful color scheme comprises rich hues of dark blue, red, cream, white, and green. Spanning an impressive 6' 5" X 9' 8" ft, it's the perfect enhancement to any living room.

Wall-Hanging Rugs

Incorporating wall-hanging rugs into your home is yet another way of tailoring your interior decor. These unique and visually appealing Afghan rugs add a touch of vibrant texture and color while  serving as conversation pieces.

Hand-Woven Afghan Girl Pictorial Rug 



Crafted from premium maranus wool and luxurious silk, this small rug boasts of a portrait of a young Afghan girl. Its vibrant color palette and size of 2' 6" x 1' 8" ft make it an ideal wall decor piece particularly for personal spaces.

hand-Woven Horse Pictorial Rug 



This wall-hanging rug displays a portrait of a brown horse set against a verdant green background. Measuring 3' 2" x 2' 6" ft, the rug is expertly crafted from luminous silk and pure maranus wool, making it a true work of art that will bring elegance and charm to any room.

Hand-Woven Qahira Sellers Pictorial Rug 



This rug captures the essence of Afghan carpet sellers haggling over a displayed carpet in a bustling Qahira market. Made of premium silk and maranus wool, it is both sturdy and enduring. The rug's lively and colorful design accurately portrays the real-life stories of these merchants.

Runner Rugs

Enhancing unadorned spaces is known to give your home a well-furnished look. This is especially true for hallways, which we frequently pass through. Adding a handmade rug to your hallway not only spruces up your decor but also provides a comfortable and stylish layer underfoot.

Blue Mamlook Runner Rug Pair 



These matching pairs of runner rugs are finely crafted from 100% maranus wool. Both mats feature a striking design of dark blue, red, maroon, green, and cream hues. They are skillfully handwoven, with dense knots, using the Aqcha pattern and are guaranteed to give a cozy underfoot layer.

Hand-Woven Andkhoi Design Rug



Made of 100% watani wool, this rug features an antique weaving pattern that comes from  the ancient Mazar-e-Sharif province of Afghanistan. The rug depicts bold color shades like dark blue, red, brown, green, white, and yellow. It comes in a size of 8' 8" x 3' 8" ft.

Kitchen Rugs

Whether your kitchen is big or small, an area rug is a must-have for added comfort. These rugs offer a safe and cushioned spot to stand, while giving your kitchen a more stylish look.

Hand-Woven Tiger Sculpture Rug 



The striking combination of shades of dark brown and yellow coupled with the exceptional tiger depiction make this rug an eye-catching piece. Whether you're cooking or simply moving about your kitchen, this rug is guaranteed to bring an element of wilderness to your home.

Hand-Woven Bird & Shoe Pictorial Rug 



This handmade silk and maranus wool rug features a delightful bird and a shoe. The intricate weave design and mixed color scheme bring luxury and playfulness to your space.

Your comfort is our priority!

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