Distribution in Nuristan

July 21, 2024


Aseel Do Good team distributed Emergency Food Packages in the Wama District of Nuristan. These packages were distributed from the campaign “Get Help to Nuristan,” organized by Mina Sharif and Wazhma Afzaly. Each Emergency Food Package contained the following items:

1: Flour - 50 kg

2: Rice - 7 kg

3: Beans – 7 kg

4: Daal – 7 kg

5: Sugar – 4 kg

6: Oil – 5 kg

7: Green Tea – 1 kg

Each emergency food package provides five weeks of food for a family of seven to eight people. One hundred and twenty food packages were distributed to one hundred and twenty impoverished families affected by floods in the Wama District of Nuristan province. A group of Aseel Volunteers (Atalan) surveyed, identified, and verified these families - two local volunteers and another volunteer from Kunar who joined them for transparency purposes. Among the 120 families who received assistance, 33 were widows, four were orphans, and four were disabled; these 120 families totaled 876 people.

The Wama district of Nuristan was severely flooded recently. It has adversely affected approximately one hundred and twenty families, including those supported by the Aseel team. In addition, the houses, agricultural fields, gardens, and trees of the Wama residents' have all sustained extensive damage, leaving significant monetary losses behind, mentioned by the beneficiaries during the distribution. They have received very little assistance from local authorities; however, no national or international NGOs have provided any kind of help until now.

Nuristan is a mountainous province with limited land used for farming and agriculture. Our findings from the discussions with the beneficiaries indicate that in addition to losing their homes, these families have lost their gardens and crops. Residents of Nuristan rely on farming, selling wood, and working outside Nuristan in neighboring provinces. Currently, there are no businesses, factories, or other income sources for people. The daily workers used to work in Kunar, Laghman, Kabul, and other provinces but are unemployed now. They are going through a devastating situation, having no alternative way.

Aseel’s team talked to a few elders on the distribution day. According to these elders, some families go to bed on empty stomachs for days. All recipients were delighted to receive food packages that could feed them for the next few weeks. They requested further assistance and help from the donors.

About Campaign Organizers

Mina Sharif is a media consultant and advocate for Afghanistan. She lived and worked in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2019 and is currently based in Toronto, Canada. She is committed to advocacy and volunteering to lead various campaigns to assist Afghans in crisis.

Wazhma Afzaly lives in Toronto, Canada. She advocates for Afghanistan. She has vague childhood memories of Kabul, and a piece of her heart is still there – with the people of Afghanistan. Her goal is to do whatever is possible big or small, to help.

Aseel wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation to the campaign’s organizers, donors, and everyone who helped in some way to feed impoverished families in Nuristan. We encourage everyone to donate to Aseel, active campaigns on the Aseel Platform, or buy packages to directly assist families in need as we respond to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Furthermore, you can start a campaign and help impoverished families in any province of Afghanistan. Every campaign with Aseel achieves its target, and the amount raised directly provides help to those in need.

Together, we tackle the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and help those left with no alternatives. Thank you for choosing Aseel to help the needy Afghans.

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Photo Credit: The photos are taken by Aseel photographers during the distribution.

About Aseel

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