Eid-al-Adha Delights: Enjoy the Sales and Contribute to Eid Campaigns for Memorable Eid Celebrations!

July 21, 2024


As the Islamic year draws to an end, the celebration of Eid-al-Adha, known as the  Feast of Sacrifice, followed by Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, takes center stage. This joyous occasion commemorates the important narrative from the Holy Book Qur’an, the remarkable devotion and obedience shown by Prophet Abraham when Allah Almighty commanded him to sacrifice his son Ishmael as a testament to his unwavering faith and submission to the divine will. In recognition of Prophet abraham's unwavering trust, Allah accepted his act of Sacrifice and spared Ishmael's life, providing a ram as a substitute.

Eid-al-Adha holds a profound and cherished place in the Islamic calendar, inspiring Muslims to observe it with deep compassion, devotion, and spiritual reflection. This sacred period prompts believers to evaluate their deeds, seek forgiveness for their imperfections, and connect with others. Through prayer and acts of charity, Muslims worldwide strengthen their faith and forge a deeper connection with their creator, Allah Almighty.

This joyous occasion is celebrated with diverse rituals rooted in regional cultures and traditions. Among these practices, a prominent tradition is the symbolic sacrifice of sheep, goats, cows, or camels, chosen according to one's financial capacity, in honor of Prophet Ibraham and his son Ishmael. The sacrificed animal's meat is divided into three portions: one-third for the immediate family, one-third for relatives and friends, and one-third for those less fortunate. This ritual beautifully exemplifies the values of sharing and caring, especially toward those most in need.

Furthermore, Muslims embrace the festive spirit by adorning themselves in their finest attire and assembling at the mosque to offer the Eid prayer. The air is filled with warmth as Muslims exchange "Eidi," a gesture of love and generosity. Eidi can be given in various forms, including cash, clothing, jewelry, accessories, prayer mats, or delightful home decor items. This heartwarming tradition fosters a sense of unity and goodwill, spreading happiness throughout the community on this special occasion.

Giving your Eid a piece of quality, explore Aseel's Eid-al-Adha Special Sale Offer for exclusive handcrafted gifts. Choose from our premium selection below:

Eid Gifts for Her

White Floral Rubble Dress



This Handle Rubble Dress is a refreshing long white dress adorned with a vibrant yellow flower pattern featuring cuff sleeves, making it an ideal choice for Eid attire.

White Pleated Skirt Frock 



This Pinkish White Dress, crafted from crepe fabric with a pleated waist and elegant balloon sleeves, is a stylish and comfortable choice, featuring an elastic waist for a perfect fit for Eid evening gatherings.

Lapis Gold Plated Jewelry Set 



This exquisite jewelry set showcases the beauty of lapis gemstone with its handcrafted flower design and elegant drop pendant, accompanied by matching flower hook earrings. Made from gold-plated brass, it is a timeless and captivating addition to any accessory collection.

Mini Square Jewel Box



Crafted from Archa wood, this little jewelry box showcases exquisite mandala designs adorning its surface and sides. Its square shape renders it ideal for keeping your precious rings, earrings, and pendants while attending the joyous Eid celebrations.

Floral Bangle Style Bracelet



This handmade bracelet features a captivating cuff design with a delightful flower bangle style adorned with the natural gemstones. Each stone has been carefully selected to enhance the bracelet's allure, making it a stunning accessory with charm.

Eid Gifts For Him

Gray Nuristani Waistcoat 



This Afghan waistcoat is crafted using sheep wool fabric, celebrated for its rich historical significance. The intricately handwoven pattern beautifully displays the craftsmanship of Nuristani artisans, embodying the essence of their cultural heritage. The enduring shade of gray imparts a sense of elegance, rendering this waistcoat a fashionable complement to any Eid outfit.

Brown Nuristani Afghan Pakol 



This Afghan handmade Pakol is a meticulously crafted hat made from 100% wool. It features sheep yarn and is hand-sewn with a cotton fabric lining. It is designed in the Nuristani style and comes in a charming light brown color.

Green Malachite Stone Ring 



A touch of elegance is completed with this handcrafted ring. The stunning gemstone is Malachite, set beautifully in brass material. The ring boasts an elegant green color, adding a touch of vibrancy to any outfit. Its round design and straight silver ring band make it a timeless and exquisite accessory.

Eid Gifts for Adults

Maranus Woolen Prayer Mat 



Hand-knotted using Maranus wool, this prayer mat is the best Eid gift for your grandparents. It features Mazar-e-Sharif weave in a captivating array of colors: green, brown, orange, dark blue, and cream. This pure and authentic piece adds beauty and spirituality to their prayer space.

Sulaimani Agate Prayer Tasbih 



This Sulaimani Black Agate Prayer Tasbih perfectly complements your prayer mat. Its enchanting black gemstones add a touch of spirituality to your prayer experience. Its comfortable thread and beads make it easy to count prayers, enhancing your connection with the divine.

Wooden Mini Gift Box 



Opting for this gift box is a brilliant addition to your shopping list, especially if you plan to surprise your grandparents with a prayer tasbih. Crafted from durable Archa wood, this rectangular box showcases a captivating mandela art design on its lid surface. Its compact yet functional structure makes it the perfect storage solution for rings, watches, and prayer beads, seamlessly blending elegance and practicality.

Eid Gifts for Home Decor

Portrait Painting of a Girl 



This abstract painting of a girl, skillfully painted on paper using vibrant acrylic colors, sets the stage for a warm and welcoming environment for your Eid guests. Its modern artwork design exudes a sense of contemporary charm, creating an inviting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all who enter.

Green Handcrafted Ceramic Teapot 



As you pour fragrant tea into this ancient ceramic teapot, you can offer your guests a taste of hospitality and tradition. Its vibrant green color with a touch of maroon color, this adds an element of elegance and warmth to your festive table setting.

Aqcha Woolen Area Carpet 



Skillfully woven in the Aqcha style, this luxurious carpet is the perfect gift to elevate the ambiance of any space during the joyous occasion of Eid. The premium Maranus Wool material ensures a soft and comfortable feel underfoot, while the harmonious blend of Dark Blue, Cream, Green, and Red, adds an elegant touch to your home.

No matter the relationship - be it parents, spouse, grandparents, or siblings - every genuine relationship in your life holds a cherished position. Express your heartfelt affection by gifting them any of these particular items, ensuring they feel uniquely loved and appreciated.

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However, do not forget to share this moment of generosity and compassion with the needy. Small or big, your contribution adds a moment of joy to the lives of the needy Afghans who have lost hope yet striving hard to live for a better tomorrow. Aligned with our dedication, your donation to Aseel’s Eid Campaign helps to purchase Eid Package or Qurbani Meat for these  Afghans, giving them quality Eid time with their families.

Eid Gift Package - Dry Fruits & Clothes

The Eid Package includes many dry fruit items and Eid clothes, the most desired items during Eid festivals in Muslim countries, especially Afghanistan. With a $22 donation, you can help Aseel buy and distribute the dry fruits and clothes to street-working children. Let’s allow these children to embrace a happy Eid with their families.

  1. Almond 1 kg
  2. Channa (Nakhod) 1 kg
  3. Chocolates 1 kg
  4. Cookies 3 kg
  5. Mumbai Mix (Semian) 1 kg
  6. Raisins 1 kg
  7. Nuql (White Sweets) 1 kg

Qurbani Campaign for Eid

With your generous contributions, the Aseel team will perform the Qurbani and distribute meat packages to needy people, providing them with the joy and blessings of Eid ul Adha. You can donate a complete sheep to a needy family, ensuring that the sheep reaches them through our dedicated efforts. By contributing any amount, you can also purchase a portion of a cow for sacrifice, allowing for multiple Qurbanis - between 5 to 7 - based on the cow's size and age. Your selfless support will enable them to share a moment of quality with their families and forget their sorrows for a while.

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