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July 21, 2024


Aseel has a new five-year strategy that will set it on the path to being one of the most impactful companies globally. Our mission is to onboard underdeveloped and developing countries into the digital economy. Globally, over 3 billion people, although they have the potential to be connected to the internet, are unable to complete transactions. This huge opportunity builds on our five years of work in Afghanistan and Turkey and sets us on the road to being one of the most impactful yet profitable companies globally.

Thus, to get us started, Aseel is launching the Aseel Seed Round Investment that enables all of us to invest in Aseel. This will allow us to do two things 1) make sure Aseel has the funds to execute its mission and 2) when Aseel takes its share of the market in the 46 underdeveloped and other developing countries, that the investment has a great return on investment (ROI) for all of us. Heading into the first round of investment - Friends & Family (F&F) investment - Aseel wants to raise funds from the early investors of Aseel. However, crucial to establish confidence with potential investors, who often evaluate the company's impact on society and the community; in this investment campaign, we will explain Aseel's business model, market positioning, growth prospects, and financial performance to help friends and family of Aseel make an informed decision about investing in the company.

Aseel Business Model & Market Positioning: Aseel is a startup company aiming to create disruptive technology solutions to global challenges. It foresees becoming the most impactful large-scale global technology public company in the next five to seven years. With such a strong mission and vision, Aseel is set to achieve great milestones in the future. Combining financial technology (FinTech) and Supply chain infrastructure, over 46 underdeveloped countries will get access to markets and tools they didn't have before, which will support the development of these communities from the bottom up.

The Aseel | Buy Good connects customers with artisans, allowing them to learn about their stories and products. By working directly with artisans and eliminating middlemen, Aseel is committed to ensuring that its customers receive fair prices for their goods and that they are educated on the current state of global markets and trends.

The Aseel | Do Good - working to fight humanitarian crises - currently working in Afghanistan and Turkey, Aseel's approach to social responsibility makes it stand out as a reliable and pioneering platform that aims to offer a straightforward and effective way for individuals to help with multiple contributing options, including sponsoring a family, becoming a volunteer, or starting a campaign. Aseel has developed the Atalan Network, a team of on-ground heroes who take the lead in distribution to ensure that aid reaches those in need. As a result of these combined efforts, Aseel has supported over 500,000 individuals to date and continues to provide assistance to those impacted by humanitarian crises.

Growth Prospects: Aseel's growth prospects are promising, thanks to the growing demand for handmade products worldwide. The global handmade market is valued at a staggering $500 billion annually and is projected to grow at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027. This trend is fueled by the rising popularity of handmade products among socially conscious adults and environmentally aware younger generations who wish to reconnect with the lost values and culture. Aseel has an unparalleled position to take advantage of this trend by offering a scalable platform to onboard new artisans seamlessly. This innovative technology provides a seamless customer experience, which is essential in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

Furthermore, Aseel is well-positioned to tap into the growing global humanitarian assistance market through its Do Good initiative. The size of this market is vast, as reported by the significant demand for humanitarian assistance and protection by 339 million people worldwide, based on 2023 reports. The Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) reached a record of 179 billion dollars in 2021. Aseel can leverage this market by offering humanitarian services - Do Good - through business-to-government transactions. Moreover, the estimated size of the global charities market in 2021 is 700 billion dollars, which presents an opportunity for Aseel to engage in business-to-business (B2B) transactions with charities. By aligning with its mission, Aseel can impact the world positively while also benefiting from the growth potential of this large and growing humanitarian assistance market.

Financial Performance: Aseel’s financial performance has been impressive, with the company delivering Aseel's financial performance has been impressive; with the company delivering substantial revenue and profit growth in recent years, specifically for the last three years, we have had a 1000% growth year over year. Despite the sudden fall of the Afghan government in August 2021, Aseel, by leveraging its existing technology and expertise, was able to create a new platform, Aseel Do Good, that serves a critical humanitarian need efficiently. This remarkable adaptability showcases Aseel's commitment to making a change in the world and their ability to adjust to unexpected circumstances. In 2022, our revenue crossed $1.5 million, up 1000% from the previous year. Our revenue margins result from our ethical positioning and direct-to-consumer model underpin our profitability. Undoubtedly, a company can do great work supporting people worldwide yet bring about great profit for its stakeholders. Aseel is an example of that, and we stand firmly on these values as we grow in the future.

Seed Round Investment Opportunity: Aseel is aiming to secure funds through equity financing to aid our expansion plans, requiring an estimated $4.7 million. We intend to use the funds to enhance our platform, further develop our secret sauce, the Atalan (Heroes) network and the Omid (Hope) ID cards, onboard additional artisans from at least two new countries in addition to Turkey and Afghanistan, allocate resources towards marketing and distribution efforts and create new features that augment the customer experience. The investment opportunity is open to anyone passionate about social impact and looking to invest in a growing and profitable business. In return, Aseel offers three contribution methods for its current seed round. Firstly, through Individual Supporters, supporters become VIP members of Aseel and receive special perks, including discounts and priority access to exclusive Aseel events. It is important to note that Individual Supporters will not receive equity in Aseel. Secondly, Angel Investors can enjoy all the perks of Individual Supporters and also receive a 20% discount on the current valuation of Aseel. Lastly, Institutional Investors can invest in Aseel, enjoy all the perks of Individual and Angel Investors, and have ownership in Aseel.

Investing in Aseel is not only a wise financial decision but also a chance to make a meaningful impact on people's lives worldwide. By supporting Aseel, you are helping to create a more sustainable future for all, especially vulnerable communities. But the question is, why should you invest in Aseel?

Here Are Some Top Reasons Why:

Two-in-one Digital Platform: Aseel's Buy Good | Do Good is a mission-driven platform committed to encouraging financial freedom and positive social impact in the most vulnerable communities. By investing in Aseel, you are supporting a company actively working to combat humanitarian crises and empower artisanal communities worldwide

Innovative Business Model: Aseel implements the 3T's model, which encompasses Technology, Technical Training, and Ties to the community. This model was devised by Aseel's CEO and founder, Nasrat Khalid, based on his contributions to the book "Securitizing Youth."

Refactoring technology that is widely used in the West in crowd-powered platforms such as Uber to be now used to onboard artisans to the Aseel marketplace and using the power of people to deliver aid last mile to those in need while identifying them and providing step-by-step updates to the donors is going to take the traditional humanitarian market by storm.

Diverse Experienced Team: Aseel is helmed by a diverse team of 84 members hailing from 14 different countries, each with a strong track record in their respective fields of expertise. Their collective goal is to position Aseel as a trailblazing tech-company, using their unique expertise to drive innovation for the good of the community.

Product-Market Fit: Our customer acquisition cost for the last eight months of Aseel was under $1, unlike many marketplaces that heavily rely on ads to acquire customers. Aseel never really relied on Ads because we are a bootstrapped company. Being featured by pretty much every single major news agency, including Time Magazine, Al Jazeera, BBC, NPR, PBS, and so on, goes on to provide assurance that there is nobody in the space that can come close to what Aseel has been able to achieve generically. We know we are just a few steps away from tailoring our product to grow generically and eventually catch global attention, becoming ‘the’ solution that can support underdeveloped countries and communities to grow faster than ever before.

Platform  Expansion: To foster financial independence and facilitate global market access for a diverse group of artisans, donors, and beneficiaries, Aseel intends to expand its operations to encompass all 46 under-developed communities. Through this approach, Aseel aims to serve as a robust digital platform that brings together these parties and promotes mutual assistance and relief.

Aseel's innovative solutions to global challenges, dedication to transparency and privacy, and humanitarian efforts make investing in the company a means of building a sturdy foundation or bridge for those who cannot afford to experience the advanced world of digital marketing and assistance. While there is a minimum of $25,000 investment requirement for our Angel Investors in the Friends and Family (F&F) round and $250,000 for our Institutional Investors, Venture Capital firms, there are no limitations on how much our Individual Supporters can invest as that does not come with equity or shares but gives access to the community investors to everything to engage heavily with Aseel on our mission. Investors can contribute to Aseel's mission of empowering artisans and creating a more ethical and sustainable world.

So, let's join the cause and invest in Aseel today!

Note! The scheduled meeting goes straight to our CEOs calendar.

Aseel Seed
An opportunity to invest and own a part of Aseel

About Aseel

Aseel is a tech-based startup company providing a digital platform that allows artisans to sell their antique handcrafted products and provide humanitarian aid to and from anywhere in the world with complete transparency. We believe in the practical use of the skills to build the positive change the businesses and communities need. The easy and user-friendly platform of Aseel supports thousands of makers by connecting them to global buyers. Transparency and privacy have always been the core values of our team. We are committed to supporting our clients through our secured and protected customer service page anytime.

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