Northern Afghanistan Hit by an Earthquake of 6.4 Magnitude🚨🌍

July 18, 2024


On January 11, 2024, at 2:20 pm (AFT), an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hit the northern areas of Afghanistan and some of Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The center of the earthquake has been recorded to be Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, which has led to a strong shake of the buildings, spreading fear and terror amongst the civilians. As of now, there have been no initial reports provided by the local and international agencies for the injuries and damages. However, witnessing the previous earthquakes, the possibility of life casualties is very high.

Responding to the urgent need for assistance, Aseel’s Disaster Fund: Urgent Relief Aid is actively seeking donations to support victims and survivors of this devastating event.

Ways to Support:

Here's how you can make a difference during this challenging period:

  • Donate: Visit Disaster Fund: Urgent Relief Aid to contribute any amount you can. Every contribution, regardless of size, holds the potential to create meaningful change.

  • Purchase Earthquake Packages: Visit DirectAid beta platform to purchase emergency earthquake packages for the victims .

  • Volunteer: Join the Atalan Network to actively participate in identifying, listing, registering, assigning Omid IDs, and preparing and distributing emergency packages to survivors. Your involvement will significantly amplify the impact of collective relief efforts. The Atalan Network particularly seeks female volunteers to engage directly with female survivors. If interested, please contact +93748106601 or visit this link:

Your support and active involvement can make a substantial difference in helping communities affected by this earthquake rebuild their lives.

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