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Today, consumers want access to a variety of unique handmade goods more than ever before. All products Aseel distributes are created by passionate artisans with diverse backgrounds, having perfected their crafts simply because they are beautiful and relay rich histories, made with imagination and creativity. However, mass-produced items perpetuated by commercialization and the rise of fast fashion have infiltrated the global market, influencing most of what society wears and consumes, lacking originality.

With such limitations, mass-produced items from large industrial factories appear identical the world over. Unfortunately, uniformity does not equate to quality, not to mention the current production paradigm exploits vulnerable workers. Meanwhile, in many parts of the world, artisans produce authentic handmade products maintaining their craft’s arduous traditions, which have often evolved over centuries. Yet, with little access to buyers, these craftsmen and women are exceedingly excluded from today’s global market.

Luckily, Aseel, a U.S.-based international agency committed to intelligent and innovative development, created a solution for the growing number of consumers who seek products made by hand and enriched by years of tradition; Aseel, is your gateway to original products beyond exploitive factory-produced goods. You won’t find these specific items anywhere else on the market because they have been thoughtfully selected from remote locations and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Artisans who partner with Aseel do not imitate or mass-produce their products because our business practices are built on the belief that integrity begins with authenticity. Aseel offers a variety of artisanal goods from vendors in Afghanistan (the first pick-up destination) who make custom perfumes, original artwork, hand-sewn clothing, leather goods, ceramics, calligraphy, and much more. Likewise, Aseel is committed to developing regions isolated from the global economy so that handmade products make their way to Australian, European, and U.S. homes and beyond.

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Aseel started as Afghanistan's version of Etsy – selling jewelry, leather shoes and other crafts online to help the country's artisans make a living. Nasrat Khalid, an Afghan entrepreneur who lives in Washington, D.C., came up with the idea in 2017.

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PBS News Hour

Afghanistan sinks deeper into crisis as sanctions take a heavy toll on civilians. Aseel pivoted as soon as the crisis hit a year ago and now helps the diaspora abroad and any individual donor online send food and emergency aid to families directly.

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The consumer-based startup pivoted to let donors buy aid kits to provide to locals hit by an earthquake last month.

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VOA Deewa

The Aseel mobile app helps artisans to sell their handmade products globally.

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Washington Examiner

Afghanistan faces a hunger crisis. These organizations are ready to help.

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In 2018, he made that dream a reality using $175,000 in savings and loans from family and friends, to launch the internet platform Aseel.

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Time Magazine

How Afghan E-Commerce Startup Aseel Is Pivoting to Help Its Compatriots In Need.

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The New Humanitarian

How Aseel, an Afghan-led business, pivoted to emergency aid.

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Swiss national radio

Challenged by the humanitarian crisis in the country, Aseel decides to make their infrastructure available for emergency aid.

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Reason, free minds and free markets

In Afghanistan, Private Aid Fills Void Left by Bureaucratic Failure.

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The Courier-Mail

Brisbane man helps feed thousands overseas at the touch of a button

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VOA Pashto

Watch Aseel being featured in VOA Pashto with our product management team on how we are trying to open the doors of the global market to authentic Afghan products.

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Sobhe-Kabul Newspaper

ASEEL, a new marketing method for Afghan Handicrafts.

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Platform Entrepreneurship World Cup

We are ASEEL, a mobile e-commerce platform that connects local artisans in underdeveloped countries to global consumers.

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BBC World News Service

A group of young Afghan entrepreneurs have created a startup business to sell traditional Afghan clothes, crafts and ceramics made in remote parts of the country - to customers around the world.

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Tolo TV

Watch our team presenting Aseel and it’s mission in Bamdad Khush, a famous TOLO morning show

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Khaama Press News Agency

Afghanistan on its way to join the 718 billion dollar e-commerce market

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Selling abroad can allow Afghan makers of handmade goods to create jobs in their country.

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Global Solutions

Afghan women weavers from rural Bamyan province of Afghanistan making handmade embroidery.

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Discourse on Development

Crypto thrives in crisis zones as investors flee crash

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