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50 Afghan Women in Tech

Aseel declares the current state of Education in Afghanistan as a crisis and is responding to it. Our first campaign is focused on fully remote high-level work for Afghan women. We will be launching further calls to support other areas in support of women and women's education in Afghanistan. This is an effort that everyone can take part in. It's all of us in support of Afghan women.

About the Program

50 Afghan Women in Tech will identify and support 50 women from Afghanistan to become future technology leaders. The program will enable the fellows to work directly with technology companies that are actively supporting Afghanistan.

The program works as a one-year fellowship that provides fully-remote work opportunities for Afghan women. The package includes a monthly allowance, an internet fee, a workstation, and other requirements that will enable the fellow to work full-time remotely with the organizing partners.

Why Support Afghan Women?

Afghanistan is going through an employment crisis. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost since the Taliban takeover last August, with women, particularly hard hit. The U.N.’s International Labor Organization estimates in the last 20 years, Afghan women have had an active role in the global technology sector. This Program aims to provide the opportunity for more women from Afghanistan at this critical time to secure the gains and further build up to create future leaders in the technology sector who are Afghan Women.

Who can apply?

All women from Afghanistan can apply from anywhere in the world; preference is given to those that can, within a short timeframe, lead a significant technology area and/or cause mass impact for other Afghan women through technology.

Become a Partner

You can partner with 50 Afghan Women in Tech Grand Challenge initiative in three capacities

Organizing Partners

The organizations that will receive the 50 women fellows are identified as organizer partners.

Backing Partners

Organizations that want to support us in implementing the initiative and fundraising can become our backing partners.

Funding Partners

If you/your organization is interested in funding the 50 Afghan Women in Tech Grand Challenge, you can be our funding partner.

Our Organizing Partners


Technical Workstreams

Every fellow will be assigned to a technical workstream area to work with the organizer partner organizations.

Computer Engineering
Product Development
Operation & Execution
Open Workstream


Representatives of all the partner organizations will manage the Program. All partners will have full access to all the financial and operational aspects of the Program. The management team will also enable full public reporting through the grand challenge.


The Program is going to be funded by people globally. We have launched a grand challenge for this program to accept support from the broader public.



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Internet Support


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