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Baby Bedding Set | Red Silk Bedsheet Set

Baby Bedding Set | Red Silk Bedsheet Set

Made with in Afghanistan

Materials: Satin and cotton Fabrics used

Color: Red

Tailor: Bibi Khanom

Made in Afghanistan

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Availability:In stock
Made with in Afghanistan
SKU Aseel-AWEC-1008
AWEC's women-run brands mainly produce pure handcrafted products that range from women's dresses, scarves, and children's outfits to napkins, tablecloths, and many more. AWEC provides the raw materials for producing the products to these vendors. The products revive colorful embroidery designs native to Afghan culture and tradition. Each product is meticulously hand-stitched, combining ancient and modern styles on different fabrics like velvet, georgette, cotton, and silk.