Daily Iftar Package

Daily Iftar Package

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The Holy month of Ramadan will commence on March 22nd, and Muslims around the world will be fasting for thirty days. Ramadan is also a month of charities and helping others. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has impacted more than 90% of the population, leaving many starving and without food. This Ramadan, we want to distribute 10 thousand Daily Iftari Packages to ten thousand individuals in Kabul. This package will not be delivered to your assigned Omid IDs because we plan to distribute these packages to individuals on the streets.

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The Daily Ifatar Package contains the following items:

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1 Kabuli Palaw
2 Bread
3 Water
4 Dates
5 Fruits
6 Cold Drink

Note: This Daily Iftari Package will be distributed on daily basis during Ramadhan in Kabul.