Love Text Ceramic Plate Acrylic Artwork

Love Text Ceramic Plate Acrylic Artwork

Made with in Afghanistan

Material: Ceramic Plate, Acrylic Color Design 

Usage: For Decoration Uses Only, Washable, Love Text Artwork, Acrylic Color Artwork

Size: 20 cm Diameter

Reproducible Duration: Two Days

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Made with in Afghanistan

Made in Afghanistan Sima Rahnama, the owner of Sima Art Gallery, began her work in the continuation of her passion for the arts. She aspires to encourage and support emerging artists across Afghanistan, giving them a global face through their contemporary artworks. Sima Art Gallery offers selectively curated acrylic paintings with heirloom quality rooting from art patrons yet embedded with the latest evolving art patterns. Purchase these artworks and support Sima to achieve her vision.