Ramadan Package

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The Holy month of Ramadan will commence on March 22nd and Muslims around the world will be fasting for thirty days. Ramadan is also a month of charities and helping others. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has impacted more than 90% of the population leaving many starving and without food. This Ramadan we want to ensure to help families starving and are left without food. We appreciate your generosity and contributions in assisting us with this mission.

The Ramadan Package, containing the below-mentioned items, feeds a family of 8 members for three weeks. A donor can donate more than one package for a specific family per month. The current value of this package is $98 comprising the actual value of the 14 items: $1 Omid ID issuance fee, $5 logistics fee, 5% platform fee, and 5% transfer fee. 

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The Ramadan Package includes the following items:

No Item Quantity
1 Flour 50 Kg
2 Rice 7 Kg
3 Beans 5 Kg
4 Daal (Lentils) 3 Kg
5 Onions 7 Kg
6 Potatoes 7 Kg
7 Jam 2 Bottles
8 Green Tea 1 Kg
9 Dates 2 Boxes
10 Oil 5 LItre
11 Cheese 10 Small Bars
12 Macaroni 3 Pockets
13 Tomatopaste 1.6 Kg
14 Sugar 4 Kg

Please fill out the beneficiary form, and include your order number for supporting a specific family. The Aseel team delivers the packages within 48 hours in Kabul and 72 hours in all provinces across Afghanistan. Please choose the Omid ID if you have already registered a family with us. Make sure the recipient's details are up-to-date and active. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Subscription: In order to subscribe for a recurring donation, customers can choose to subscribe for weekly subscription plans. You can also specify recipients for the subscription. Aseel team delivers the package to the recipient monthly based on your subscription.