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Since 9th grade, Mohammad 'Bashir' Rasikh has dreamed of becoming a woodcarver. After his first experience with woodworking, Bashir knew he wanted to pursue a career in the artisan sector. Now, as one of the founders of Bastani Wooden Products, he joins the ranks of skilled craftsmen and women producing quality handmade goods, despite setbacks. Bashir showed early promise in his woodcarving studies. As a freshman in high school, he applied to Turquoise Mountain Institute, which offers woodcarving, jewelry, calligraphy, and ceramics classes. His application was initially rejected, but this did not deter Bashir's ambitions. After high school, he got accepted, where he met his current business partner, Ahmad' Masood' Nayab. After three years at the institute, they co-founded Bastani Wooden Products. Initially, business was slow, and when Bashir periodically traveled, business operations halted. Once permanently situated in Afghanistan, Bashir became more motivated than ever to see his dreams succeed. The duo received a grant through a project funded by NCA/DIKU, a European economic growth organization focused on Afghan career development. With grant funds, they purchased equipment to scale the business to operate at commercial capacity. Masood then took the lead in training select Afghan candidates in woodworking; after years of struggle and hard work, their business finally took off. These days, obstacles only fuel the team's craft. Bashir and Masood ensure each handmade piece is perfectly carved, motivated purely by a passion for their profession. Bastani Wooden Products produces various products, such as intricate wood carvings in Nuristani and classic styles, miniature artwork, and general carpentry. Additionally, the shop has some stonework, jewelry, and leather goods. These materials complement the natural handmade aesthetic, but wood is always the center of each project. The unbeatable precision of their wooden products, including superior finishes, quality, and price, make Bashir and Masood stand out. They aspire to one day expand the business to a larger facility and hire at least 100 talented employees who share their passion. By partnering with Aseel, Bashir and Masood hope to showcase their shop's talents, increase revenue to fund the expansion, and enrich lives by sharing handmade Afghan products with the rest of the world.

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