Aseel Debuts TechCrunch with Found Podcast on Expanding the Digital Economy!

July 25, 2024


Aseelapp - Buy Good | Do Good - a tech-based startup, has been featured on Found Podcast Stories of TechCrunch this week! In a riveting dialogue between Nasrat Khalid, the CEO & founder of Aseel, and the hosts  Becca Szkutak and Darrell Etherington, the journey and impact of Aseel take center stage.

Founded in 2018 with the mission of onboarding artisans from underdeveloped regions into the digital economy, Aseel's journey unfolds under Nasrat Khalid's guidance. Nasrat's personal experience as a refugee in Pakistan illuminated the digital gap hindering local artisans from thriving in the global digital economy. Aseel Buy Good emerged as a response to this gap, becoming a robust double-sided e-commerce marketplace empowering artisans from underdeveloped countries - currently from Afghanistan & Turkey. Nasrat says, "In terms of the infrastructure, it wasn't a big pavement because since we started, we knew what is stopping the artisans to onboard the digital economy is their ability to sell their products, get paid, and ship, so the infrastructure."

What sets Aseel apart is not just its commitment to the economic sustainability of these artisans but its swift response to humanitarian crises. When Afghanistan faced a humanitarian crisis in 2021, Nasrat effortlessly redirected the existing infrastructure to support humanitarian aid delivery - the Do Good. Nasrat adds, "With the country's collapse, it was more of an addition at that point, as we did have an infrastructure built in that country. It was very easy for us to decide…" A timely introduction to the Do Good platform.

With over 5500 artisans onboarded, 20,000+ handmade items listed, and support extended to 77,750+ families, Aseel stands as a testament to its commitment to responding to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Noteworthy among Aseel's recent fundraiser humanitarian initiatives are aid projects for the victims of the Herat Earthquake and Afghan Returnees encountering forced deportation by Pakistani authorities since October 2023.

Aseel's significance lies in:

  • Inclusive Online Marketplace: Aiming to encompass 46 underdeveloped communities in the next five years, Aseel stands as a beacon of inclusivity for the artisans who are left behind.

  • Promotional Marketing Assistance: Going beyond traditional e-commerce, Aseel assists vendors (if required) with photography, videography, and promotional efforts.

  • Artisan Literacy Training: Educating vendors with the skills to navigate the digital vendor landscape effectively, including product naming, descriptions, and pricing.

  • DirectAid Beta: Allowing users to send aid, track its progress, and receive video updates seamlessly with the latest update implemented to Aseel Do Good - DirectAid beta.

  • Omid IDs: Providing the beneficiaries with Omid IDs, ensuring transparency in aid delivery, and creating a comprehensive record of assistance.

  • Atalan Network: Aseel's Atalan Network comprises dedicated volunteers contributing to onboarding artisans and efficient aid distribution.

  • Transparency: Prioritizes transparency at every step, employing tracking mechanisms like Omid IDs, emails, and videos.

As we deep dive into Aseel's evolution from e-commerce to a force for humanitarian aid, the podcast leaves us with a thought-provoking question: How can tech-startups, such as Aseel, utilize their resources and expertise both presently and in the upcoming years to contribute to positive global change?

More to read about Aseel:

The platform's recognition extends to media outlets such as NPR, Aljazeera, The Guardian, TIME, BBC News, Voice of America, and many more.

About Aseel

Aseel is a tech-based startup company providing a digital platform that allows artisans to sell their antique handcrafted products and provide humanitarian aid to and from anywhere in the world with complete transparency. We believe in the practical use of the skills to build the positive change the businesses and communities need. The easy and user-friendly platform of Aseel supports thousands of makers by connecting them to global buyers. Transparency and privacy have always been the core values of our team. We are committed to supporting our clients through our secured and protected customer service page anytime.

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