"Holy Book of Quran” by Ahmad Shah Hazeri: In Calligraphy - A time-honored technique

July 21, 2024


Is there anything more exquisite than honing the art of hand calligraphy to design and write the Holy Quran?

It may seem antiquated and conventional, but these time-honored techniques embody the utmost beauty of our cultural and artistic heritage, preserved by skilled craftsmen for centuries.

Calligraphy and handwriting have long been prominent means of visually conveying messages. It's commonly believed that practicing calligraphy enhances memory, comprehension, and critical thinking while reducing anxiety and stress. This is why people of the past dedicated themselves to learning and mastering this art.

Portrait Image of First Page of Quran | Surah Al-Hamd & Al-Baqarah

Mesmerized by this art, Ahmad Shah Hazeri's recent calligraphy work, " The Holy Book of Quran," is a masterpiece that has captured the hearts of Muslims worldwide. With four years of dedication and hard work, Ahmad Shah has poured his heart and soul into this unique piece.

What better time than the auspicious month of Ramadan to share this one-of-a-kind masterpiece book with those who appreciate and value the art of calligraphy and handwriting? The Holy Quran holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims, and Ahmad Shah's work pays homage to this revered text.

Collective Pages of the Quran

This exceptional work of art shows the enduring importance of the Quran and the artistic tradition of calligraphy. Its beauty and intricate design will leave admirers in amusement, reflecting the skill and dedication of its artist. Ahmad Shah Hazeri's work is a treasure to behold and a source of inspiration for all who appreciate the timeless beauty of calligraphy.

Collective Verses of the Quran

Each page of this book is meticulously written by hand using the finest pen, ink, and paper. Featuring the Naksh and Sols writing style in black, red, and green colors, every verse and surah is written with attention to detail, capturing the essence of the Quran. What sets this book even more valuable is the extraordinary dedication of the author. Ahmad Shah took four years to write each Separas in 30 distinct, miniature papers with utmost precision and care. Not a single mistake was allowed to slip through, as the Quran is meant to be flawless.

Single Surah of the Quran

This book's tranquil beauty is matchless and lies in the deep respect that the author holds for the holy book of the Quran. Gift yourself a moment of spiritual reflection and appreciate the elegance of this craftsmanship.

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