Atalan FAQs

The Atalan Network refers to a group of individual collaborating with Aseel in its Do Good (emergency response) initiative to verify people in need, deliver aid packages.
“Atalan” is the plural form of “Atal” in Pashto language that means "hero." Atalan means heros. For an individual who is a member of Atalan Newtwork is called “Atal”.

Atalan perform a task on behalf of Aseel and receives compensation or reimbursement for their completed tasks. These tasks include the following or as instructed by the Aseel Team:

  • Identify and register beneficiaries
  • Purchase, prepare, and deliver aid packages
  • Record beneficiary National ID Numbers and get their signatures while delivering the packages.
  • Provide a report on daily distributions.
  • Social media engagement (post, reshare/retweet, like, comment)
  • Start fundraising campaigns with Aseel
  • Register and create shops for Artisans
  • List hand products
The Atalan Network welcomes individuals who are 18 years or older, can read, write and operate a smartphone.
If you are eligible to join the Atalan Netework, you can visit to download the Atalan Mobile app on you Android and iOS devices. To join the Atalan Network you have to fill the form given on the app. After submitting the form, our team will review your application and you will be notified by an email or a phone call.
Atalan receive compensation based on completing their assigned tasks such as, registering an Omid ID, delivering an aid package, contributing in bulk surveys and distribution, creating shops and listing products.
Aseel conducts meetings, workshops, and training for the Atalan Network monthly and quarterly. These workshops cover various aspects of the Atalan app, Aseel platform, Aseel Emergency Response, and handmade or overall to help Atalan develop the required skills.
Aseel will provide a certificate to the Atalan when needed or requested.
The Atalan in no way shall accept a gift from a donor or beneficiary.
The Atalan are required to keep all information strictly confidential and by no means shall reveal it to any third party.