Sell Good FAQs

Simply go to Aseel website, go to the Sell with Aseel tab, and click Start Selling. You may fill out the form precisely and click Get Started. Remember to note down your username and password.
You can sell any type of handmade product including; Carpets, clothes, jewelry, arts, ceramics, accessories, wooden products, books, and more categories.
As Aseel supports businesses to grow and sell globally, we do not charge any fee on the vendor by creating a shop on our website, all our services are free at the moment.
You may create a shop first and send a few of your products to one of these emails ([email protected]). Once one of our representatives approves the kind and quality of your products, you will be guided on how to list your products.
To Customize your shop look, you will need to bring the changes you want from your seller portal and edit your profile.
Vendors who sell with Aseel, have multiple choices to get paid for their sold products. These payment methods are Stripe, PayPal, Hawala, and Cash (In Afghanistan).
Yes, we sell your products under your brand name and ship them to the customer in a proper shipment cargo, your products will be safe from receiving from you till delivering them to the customer’s Doorstep.
You calculate the price of your product + add 25% of Aseel’s profit, and add 2.5$ for delivery and packaging. Use the total price as the final price of your product on our website. Price Formula: Product Price in $ + 25% Aseel Profit + $2.5 = Final Price USD $
Once you get the order, you will receive a notification in your email. After that, you can log in to your seller portal and click on manage order, where you can see the product image and description you will need to process the order once it is ready you can ship to the Customer at the mentioned address which is in your seller portal.
For the refunds, the Aseel team is communicating with the Customers, and all the refunds are done through our Team. For returns, if the Customer finds out the product he receives is not what he/she ordered in that case we are here to send the customer the right product, and the customer can ship the old order back to our office.
For promoting your shop all the sellers who are interested in promoting their shops need to send us an email at [email protected], where our Marketing team will train them and show them some tricks to increase their sales.
For now, all the coupon codes and discount codes are created by the Aseel team, the sellers need to message us or send us an email we will share or create a new coupon code for them.
Through your seller account, you can find the customer’s email where you can send them a thank you note or send them the tracking number to their order where they can track their order.
This is very important at Aseel. We focus on product quality and copyright issues, and we take action on the product that has a copyright issue. Most of the time, we give warnings to our sellers, and the final step will be to revoke their seller account.
For the refunds, the Aseel team is communicating with the Customers, and all the refunds are done through our Team
Yes, Aseel sells and delivers your products globally.
Go to product checkout, click Buy Now and you will see the shipment cost.
All the sellers can track their orders and sales through their seller accounts. We have one portion with the name of reports and transactions where the sellers can see their shop progress and financial data.
Contact one of our representatives on the following emails; they will guide you accordingly: ([email protected]).
You can receive your payment through our payment methods wherever your shop is located. Currently, we are accepting sellers from Afghanistan and Turkey.