Emergency First Aid Package

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The Emergency First Aid Package includes essential COVID-19 support, featuring a range of protective items such as gloves, hand sanitizer, Dettol sanitizer, and masks. In addition to these supplies, this kit also includes basic first aid necessities like nose drops, tissues, pain relievers, a variety of adhesive bandages, and feminine hygiene products to meet diverse needs. The package's current value is $61, which includes the actual value of the items, a $1 fee for Omid ID issuance, a $5  logistics fee, a 16% platform fee, and a 5% transfer fee.


The Emergency First Aid Package includes the following items:

  • COVID-19 sUPPORT: 2 Packs
  • First Aid Pack: 2 Packs
  • Feminine Hygiene Package: 5 packs
Subscription details
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To support specific beneficiaries or families in Afghanistan, complete the beneficiary form and donate a package. Our team will promptly deliver your contribution directly to those in need. Before distribution, the Aseel team will contact the beneficiaries to verify their specific medical kit requirements. These packages will be delivered to war-affected families with no employment or income and those in need. The Aseel team actively identifies beneficiaries across various provinces in Afghanistan.

Subscription: To enable customers to make recurring donations, we offer subscription plans for three months, six months, and yearly durations. Customers have the flexibility to select their preferred subscription plan and can also specify the recipients for these recurring donations. Based on your subscription, the Aseel team delivers the package to the recipient monthly.